Intense Pulse Laser? Anyone tried it for hair removal?

Intense Pulse Laser? Anyone tried it for hair removal?

I want everything off my body, from the neck down, including the beard area too. I know it will cost but I DO want it.

Anyone tried it and got the permanent hair loss that they hoped for? Does it hurt? ;-)


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  • Yes it hurts but really no worse then waxing. I was actually rather disappointed in it. It did get rid of a lot of the hair but I did it 13 times for the full bikini area and I still have to wax it regularly. It is much finer,shorter, and softer hair but it is still hair. So think of it as hair reduction rather then hair removal. In the end I am glad I did becasue it did help a lot but it is not totally gone as they tend to imply it will be.

    • When you say "bikini area" you mean "bikini line" other words..not the entire pubic area?

    • No I got the full brazillian. The actual bikini line did pretty well it is the other parts of that area that still have hair.

    • hmmm..some guys actually want pubic hair...):

  • I have. The newer machines don't hurt much at all. But it is pricey. You might want to start with the most important parts. Some areas like pubic are particularly stubborn and need 10 or 12 treatments. By the way laser only works on dark hair.


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