Super short hair on girls?

Having to cut my hair again, but not sure if it would look okay. I'm a bit nervous because I'm tall and kinda curvy and always thought long hair would look better..I'm just curious to know what most guys would think about dating a girl with really short hair, or just what a guy thinks in general.


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  • a pic or a description would be nice. I don't judge a girl entirely on hair, but I think its attractive when a girl has hair a little above their shoulders. There is a limit tho. I find it prettier when a girl has long hair, say mid back, so they can show off their hair. ya know?


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  • I prefer longer hair at least shoulder length. also, dislike it when girls tye up their hair, just let it hang!

  • How short?

    If it's guy short, I don't find that attractive.

    That said, I do like short-ish hair on a girl who can pull it off.


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