Are funny noises unattractive?

Im able to make a noise with m cheeks that sounds like a chipmunk or squirl. A lot of peopl in my school know about and ask me to do it. I even have a few people in other towns and cities that know about it. I think its col but I'm embarrassed to show others. I feel like its really unattractive. Would any of you think its unattractive? -- Thank you! :


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  • Indifferent at best, potentially unattractive if you do it too much, as it can seem childish.

    With people you are already friends (or boyfriends) with, it can be a funny thing at time, but don't overdo it to the point that it seems you are looking for attention.


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  • I can make lots of noises. :D Most guys think they're adorable, but it does catch them off guard the first time they hear me do them.

    And yeah, don't overdo them. :)

  • I don't know but I would rather be known for something else. What about pigeon noises, can you do them?