Guys With Droopy Pants - Why?

So you can show your boxers? Explain why you think it looks good.


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  • I personally don't think it looks good at all. When you're in high school you can kind of get away with it but after that no way. It looks trashy, crude and silly. There is nothing attractive about a guy's ass hanging out of his pants. It just is so... classless... I like looking good, put together and nice. I don't judge people for what they wear but the style itself I have no qualms commenting on. The style is ridiculous and it makes you look ridiculous. I honestly can say I never did, don't and never will understand why people think it looks good or why they like wearing it... Can it really be comfortable? It doesn't seem like it would.

    • I'd be concerned that people close by would be copping a whiff of poo off the boxers.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Because they think it originated with Hip-hop artist. What most don't realize is that it was originated by prison homosexuals to let men know there available.

  • I'm insulted.

    I am not a guy who wears droopy pants.

    I am a girl who wears droopy pants.

    this like asking "why do you wear pink?" or "why do you wear cosby sweaters?"

    My answer- Because I feel like it. And haters can suck on dis ____.

    • Do you let your whale-tail show?

    • I let the yoga pants underneath show.

      I double up when it is cold...and I have big pocket to store things. which is good for me.

  • Ya know,I had the exact same question so I asked my bro. He said because others do it@@

    Personally,I think it's stupid,it doesn't make you look cool,just stupid. I would never date anyone who dresses like that.

    • His answer scared and depressed me

  • I can`t explain why it looks good because whenever I see this it reminds me of the movie Clueless. It is not attractive or cool to wear your pants below your ass. To me this just shows that they are immature and still trying to find their way in life.

    • I know. "Hey, mr boxer shorts, you pants are so low we can see skid marks"

What Guys Said 2

  • They're doing it on purpose so that people can laugh at them.

  • Because they think it makes them look hood and gangster.