Since when has it become attractive for a man to look fashionable?

I was looking at some pics one of which RANDOMLY happened to be a guy model, modeling hollister clothes (I believe). I thought to myself, besides the guy looking like a douche bag that REAL men don't try to look fashionable. Do you think the male prime-apes went out and put on fashion shows for the girl prime-apes? NO! they went out and found food and was considered the hunter all we have are these douchey looking guys who try to appear fashionable. Some would say women are to blame for that could also be gay men who are responsible for it. Who knows. My point is, why is it that the more fashionable a man is now, the more attractive. he is? I thought women were supposed to do that stuff (I would think she would feel threatened by this sort of thing).

Disclaimer: When I say "women should do this", I don't mean they can't also be successful and all that but women were originally meant to just "look good" to a male, not the other way around!

the more attractive he is*
Keep in mind I never said we shouldn't be clean, that's a given..I just said why should we have to be "fashionable"


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  • I think since women stopped being lesbians 100 years ago is why men started needing to become more fashionable to attract the women, but I think it'll take a meteorologist to explain this one.

    • Best answer for now, just because I thought it was funny

    • lol thanks I'll give you 5 stars for question.


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  • Alright, this is a pet peeve of mine. Of course I like guys to look fashionable. I am a girl and I LOVE clothes, so if there is a good looking man in good looking clothes then I will definitely find them attractive. Not saying I base everything off of clothes but it helps.

    Do you think that female "prime-apes" went out with their hair done and make-up on? Hell no. So I guess women should stop being fashionable and while they are at it maybe they should stop shaving their legs?

    I find this topic very sexist. "I am male so therefore I don't have to put effort into what I wear" Bullsh*t. If you expect a woman to look nice then it's only fair that you do the same.

    Stop your bitching. Lazy ass

    • Sorry to be harsh. I just hate when guys pretend like their penis is an excuse to be a slob.

    • I agree with you 100%... I find nothing more attractive than a man who can take care of himself. I am putting in the effort and so should he! Also I bet this guy hasn't gotten laid in a long time!

    • Very well put!

  • Some guys enjoy looking nice, there's nothing wrong with that. It's actually always been a fact that it's important to show some type of desirable trait in both sexes.

    I hope you realize that in the wild, most of the time it's the male who are "prettied" up and "flaunt" themselves to attract potential mates (ex. peakcocks, swans, insects, deer, etc). It seems like our human race is the odd bunch in the animal kingdom. I'm not trying to be rude, just thought I point that out.

  • Ummm...i don't know about anyone else,but I appreciate it when a guy takes care of himself and wants to look nice.I honestly don't see the problem in that.If he is looking in the mirror all the time,and acting superficial and pretentious,then that's something else entirely.

  • Since forever. Newsflash: girls care about looks just as much as guys do.

  • I think it's attractive if the guys is dressed well and looks good, doesn't necessarily mean he has to be "fashionable" though.


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  • So what you're saying is REAL men are lazy? Cause that's really all you're getting at.

    Take a look at bread lines during the great depression in the 1930's. Notice something? All the men are wearing respectable clothes. Maybe not the cleanest, or the newest fashion, but they all wore respectable clothes. They presented themselves in a respectful way. Notice how they all wear hats. Not baseball caps, not hoodies- no they're wearing hats that compliment their appearance and look sharp. All of them. Look at their shoes. Every piece of clothing on their body says that they took some pride in what they looked like. It was the great depression, so they might not have the money for the latest fashion, but they still managed to find a way to present themselves with some class.

    If you don't want to present yourself with any sort of class, be my guest. But that doesn't make you a REAL man, it makes you a lazy one. Certain styles are timeless, other styles aren't. The styles that aren't timeless come and go. That's fashion. You want to go around thinking you're too much a man to worry about that sort of thing, you will just look like a fool...a sloppy fool at that.

    Do you have to research what the next big fashion choice is going to be? No, definitely not. But for REAL mens sake, go put some effort into looking like you didn't just roll out of bed. It's embarrassing.

  • Since now I guess. Be careful, you're treading down a dangerous path dude, if a girl expects you to wear clothes that almost match, shoes that aren't five years old, and to have your hair cut it's a small price to pay for her removing almost all her body hair and putting on lots of makeup and spending 45 minutes on her hair just for you.

    • I agree.Women do so much more to "look good" to the opposite sex.I don't really understand what his complaint is here.

  • Since always. For most of human history men have dressed at least as elaborately as women. Perhaps you're confused by the fact that the fashion for the last 200 years in western men's dress has been to be more understated and somber than women's dress (a fashion started by a man who claimed to spend 5 hours a day dressing - understated yes but no exactly a step towards not caring about appearance). Men dressing like complete slobs is actually a very recent trend that I think has primarily grown out of casual dress in the workplace.

  • Thin ice! The reason why you’ve just been declared sexist is because it seems as if you don’t care what the girls think and expects them to do all that for you. Guys always had to look presentable for women, even in biblical times successful men tried there upmost to look attractive, think about Greece, Egypt, China, and all those up cultured places back then.

    By your question I think you’re trying to target the metrosexual movement of the late 90’s. I don’t have a problem with looking fashionable even though I suck at it, lol. When I buy clothes, cologne or anything really my girl has too come with because I’ll come back with the worst looking combination of stuff! I just don’t follow the times that well but still like looking attractive and presentable. There are limits obviously like those guys spending 2 hours to sort out their hair where every girl I’ve ever dated does it in 30 minutes, which is the difference between being self-conscious and having a complex about your appeal. The same goes for women if you think about it, there is something like too much makeup or looking too stylish given the location or event.

    So I’ll have to say you are sexist for saying women needs to look attractive and just accept whichever slob comes up to them asking them out. Also remember it sets of signals to which type of character you are, do you really expect a girl to think that you’ll take care of her if you can’t even take care of yourself?

  • We live in the 21st century... We aren't monkeys/cavemen, lol. Besides, I dress well and still have trouble attracting girls, so your argument is flawed...

    It feels good to look nice tho. It's a confidence booster, and especially so when people compliment you/your look.

  • yeah I find this sexist and rude. Your not a hillbilly are you lmao.

    Im a male model. I love fashion and hair. That's me in my pic. I like to take good care of myself and wear clothes that I enjoy. There is nothing wrong for a man to do that. Even my career you can say is feminem (massage therapist) but I love what I do and myself. And I must be doing something right because I'm dating girls that find me attractive.

    Im not saying you should dress like a male model. But you should at least be clean and somewhat up to date with your wardrobe. Get clothes that fit, wear deodrant, don't have any stains on them. And wear what makes you happy.

    Also the brands of clothing I wear ozzy, blasko, Criss Angel, Slash, korn all wear these brand. Not so female is it?

  • In modern society hunting and gathering is essentially getting a job, providing for a family, various other social conundrums, etc. If you don't put in the effort to look good, you won't get very far. We essentially still function the same way as the prime-apes. We just have a few more tools to use.