What kind of concealer should I use?

I went looking around for concealers the other day and there seemed to be several different shades.

I have a light tan and I'm looking for one that would hide puffiness or circles under eyes. Does it matter what shade the concealer is? Should I get a shade that matches my complexion, is lighter or darker to hide circles or puffiness? Any suggestions on brands that aren't too expensive and work effectively?

Thank you. =)


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  • For undereyes you are supposed to go slightly lighter.

    Shade DEFINITELY matters.

    I really recommend being matched up.

    I highly recommend going to Sephora or a department store counter or MAC. For most things, like eye makeup and lipcolor and blush, I think all that is fine to buy in the drugstore or something, but for skin makeup such as concealer and foundation, I think you really need a good match and professional help to achieve this.

    For undereyes, I highly highly highly recommend Bobbi Brown Corrector. I have very dark circles under my eyes, shadows around my eyes, and they are deep set so I have that "circle" look, not just dark lines. This stuff diminishes the darkness like other. I promise it is a miracle and I haven't ever found a product to cover so well.

    If your circles are very severe, you will probably need a general concealer over the corrector to give the smooth look, the corrector mostly counteracts darkness, not skin stuff itself like circles.

    But if your bags aren't that puffy and the problem is mostly just a dark shadow, the corrector should be good enough. Trust me it is a godsend. I have spent years finding a good undereye coverage.

    For a good undereye concealer to wear over the corrector if needed..hmm I use Make Up Forever Full Cover but it isn't that amazing for undereyes. I hear Hard Candy Glamoflauge or Rimmel concealer are good but I haven't tried them yet. MAC supposedly also makes good ones.

    Also, set your concealer and or corrector with some sort of powder, just a light brushing of it with a fluffy brush. This makesi t last longer.


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  • My sister and I really like Loreal's True Match line of makeup. It has a wide range of shades (she's a lifeguard and consequently very tan in the summer/lighter tan in the winter - I'm always pale), and each display that I've seen has a transparent plastic card that allows you to locate your shade based upon a set of circles that mimic the appearance of the makeup on your skin. You can find liquid, pressed powder, and loose powder foundation, as well as coordinating shades of concealer in liquid and loose powder forms. I get mine at Walmart, and it should also be available at Target.

  • I use the Body shop concealer stick thingy .. only when I get a zit here and there.. Otherwise I am definitely anti-concealer/foundation .. they kill my face and I ll get wrinkles by tomorrow :D .. Don't use it unless you really REALLY need it .. Anyway I guess a lighter tint would be better to hide your circles... And well as for brands, I like Clinique ( in general , I never used their foundation) .. and I also hear MAC is awesome .. however, I think you should try the drug store .. or some naturist shops .. their stuff, especially cosmetics work wonders since they are mostly made of natural stuff :) A dermatologist will indeed help you a lot more than most of us here :)

  • Yes, you should try to match your skin color the closest you can, but try to go a little lighter. You'll probably need to use a golden/bronze color depending on your level of tan. I can't really tell you the best brand because I just use foundation and then bronzer.

  • well if you got a light tan you probably want a yellow based/ golden toned based concealer

    I find that if I use my foudnation in a layer then let it dry then layer again it helps but I don't have dark dark circles

    yeah so

    I think any brand is fine. I usually use lancome brand of foundation and it's super nice.

  • I really like Physicians Formula...it looks natural and you can kits that come with concealer (cover up and highlighter) and loose/pressed powders