Not wearing a bra in public?

Recently, I really feel suffocating wearing a bra . I wear bras in public, but not at home. But now I don't even want to wear them outside because it's so comfy that way... How many of you girls don't wear bra in public? If so, how often? and does it look really that whore-ish if you don't wear a bra? I mean... I just envy guys... they don't have to wear them :S it's cool to wear it for sometimes.. but not everyday...

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think that the use of a bra has be exaggerated as well as the fact that female breasts have been sexualised, but in my opinion, women should be allowed to feel comfortable if they choose not to wear a bra, the same if they choose to not wear knickers, because if we are going to live in a equal world then these things have got to be addressed, so I support you there, I think you should feel OK by not wearing a bra, some guys might perv about it, but most, it won't even bother them,x

    • I do agree that the use of a bra has been exaggerated! will it be that saggy if you don't wear a bra? I mean as long as you wear it when you're running and exercising, I think it will be fine. Human is desinged to wear nothing I think. I want to go minimum as possible. being natural. sometimes I don't even want to wear knickers ! anyways, thank you for your support :)

    • Wear a sports bra when running/jogging. Take care of your rack, otherwise you will look ten years older.