Why do black people with really dark skin get tattoos?

You can't really even make out what the image is supposed to be against the color of their skin so it becomes pointless. You can barely even tell they had one and you certainly can't tell what it's of.


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  • You're overexaggerating, & probably trolling. No one has jet black skin. If you can't make out a tattoo then it's either bad artwork or you have really horrible eyesight. It's more than likely the latter.

    My roommate is white & she has a white tattoo. Some people don't want there tattoos to be that visible either.

    • Not trolling and have excellent eyesight. This question was inspired by pictures/posters of Little Wayne I saw where I couldn't tell whether they were tattoos or mud splatters/oil spots on his body. Tupac had good tattoo work and was clearly visible. But can't make out what LW's are supposed to be.

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    • Am I not allowed to try to understand and learn more about things?

    • There isn't an answer for everything.

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  • they do it for themselves because they want one (obvious). I know several very dark skin people with tattoos and you can see them

  • Yeah, I've seen it, I don't think it looks that great though. I'm black and I have two tattoos, they're both black though, I don't think colors will show up that well on me and I have a medium skin tone.

  • People get tattoos for themselves as well as others. A tattoo artist who has worked with dark skin knows which colors to use that will show up most. ...Lil Wayne and 50 cent's tattoos show up pretty good imo

    • Actually I can't tell what Little Wayne's are supposed to be. At least not in pictures. It looks kinda like he was working on a car and got grease splatters on himself because I can't make out the images with him.

  • It hurts my eyes when white people get tattoos, its too bright on their skin...

    • But you can clearly see what the image is supposed to be :)

      I dislike tattoos period. I just never understood why people get ink that's almost the same exact shade as their skin surgically grafted onto it.

  • They can and its something they chose to do.

  • They want to get a tattoo. You can still see the tattoo.

  • why do you even care? How about you worry about yourself

  • Cause they like tattoos

  • Trying to get points, by asking stupid questions. Let it be. If I could detail a point it'd be that you're a little racist. And you'd get a "j" as in judgement for a personality test...wow just wow. Hate people who would go out of their way to ask stupid sh*t like this.

    • Don't ask for points. Answer for points. Questions only worth one point. Answers worth 3. I was legitimately asking.

  • There are these new white tattoo's that I was thinking of getting because I am really white and it would be really discrete. Personally I like tattoos that are discrete and personal. I find other ones blinding.

    • my friend had "believe" tattooed on her wrist in white.. we can barely see it in the everyday, but in the club with the black lights, it looks really good

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  • dude, a tattoo is personal...every person has a different reason for tattoos...just because YOU may not be able to make it out, doesn't mean anything to them

    they are doing it for themselves, not you...

    • When I hear people going "OOOH I WANT ANOTHER TATTOO but I haven't decided what yet." It's kinda hard to see them as being personal or special.

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    • either way, its a PERSONAL decision, it doesn't have to have any meaning behind it, that doesn't mean its not personal...i prefer tattoos to be meaningful but I don't judge if they aren't - I may not like it, but like I said, it doesn't change my view on that person

    • btw she passed when I was 16...not when she was...lol sorry

  • ive wondered the same thing?

  • Because it's a trend and think it's cool. That's with everyone, though.