Why do black people with really dark skin get tattoos?

You can't really even make out what the image is supposed to be against the color of their skin so it becomes pointless. You can barely even tell they had one and you certainly can't tell what it's of.


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  • You're overexaggerating, & probably trolling. No one has jet black skin. If you can't make out a tattoo then it's either bad artwork or you have really horrible eyesight. It's more than likely the latter.

    My roommate is white & she has a white tattoo. Some people don't want there tattoos to be that visible either.

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      Not trolling and have excellent eyesight. This question was inspired by pictures/posters of Little Wayne I saw where I couldn't tell whether they were tattoos or mud splatters/oil spots on his body. Tupac had good tattoo work and was clearly visible. But can't make out what LW's are supposed to be.

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      Am I not allowed to try to understand and learn more about things?

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      There isn't an answer for everything.