Hey ladies what kind of threads look better on big guys ?

I'm just trying to improve my look and would like your input . I'm a pretty big guy and t-shirts ain't doing it for me anymore .

As I should've also mentioned I'm big because of a hernia it's called an inscisional hernia. I had surgery on my stomach 4 years ago they had to cut me from my sternum to my belly button. Well like a dumb ass. I went back to work to soon and split the lining in my stomach. The only thing that holds my intestines litteraly is my skin Gross I know but that's why I'm big


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  • Yeah...T's are a no, unless it's a V-neck and paired with a nice cardigan or sweater. V-necks give the illusion of a longer neck, and can give you the appearance of a slimmer upper-body. (Same tip works for women as well.) Anyway, here is a section from AskMen explaining some fashion tips for big guys. link

    Some other tips:

    -Avoid shirts with breast pockets; they give the illusion of a big chest...If you do own a shirt like that, then again, pair it with a sweater or jacket.

    -Fit is everything ! Make sure your clothes are loose, yet not too loose (or too tight !) If there aren't any big and tall stores in your area, then shopping online is the next best thing(:

    Ex. link (yes, I know the models aren't plus-sized, but their clothes represent what I'm talking about.)

    Overall, find a style that suits your personality and anything you're comfortable in. Good luck !


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  • I personally love this look:



    AND !


    Any guy who dresses like this will automatically be labeled hot in my book (: You look confident and put together and that's what women like in a man (:


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  • If you're overweight, t-shirts are not your friend. You actually need to be in good shape to look good in a t-shirt.

    Stick with something with more structure - shirts with a collar, whether sports shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, etc.