Am I dateable?

I am 5'4'', 125 lbs 16% body fat, red brown hair long, brown eyes, soccer and basketball player, straight A honors student.


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  • I'm 5ft and 125 lbs so I hope that's an ok weight!! and brown eyes is gorgeous hunni!! everyone is dateable for someone xxxxxx

    • And I have ready brown hair too so go us!! hotness lol.

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  • Well considering there is no picture guys will not be able to guess if they think they would date you. anybody could say those little things.. just because you have 16% body fat doesn't mean you look good.. red brown hair long would be probably like auburn, the things you say don't make you attractive.. guys need more than just: I have auburn hair, I'm 16% fat and that kind of thing because I have seen some girls that are like 105 lbs, and I am like 125 but I'm skinnier than them.. my fat is spread out there's is in their stomach plus I have boobs. just trying to help you by saying either put a picture and that this is a hard question for guys to answer. ;)

  • Height, weight, body fat, hair color and length and eyes do NOT make anyone dateable. Personality does and anyone who looks at you for something different most likely has no heart to look at the person you truly are.