Will girls judge me based on my looks?

Hello all,

I am still a bit confused. I have been told that girls are shallow and will judge me based on my appearance. This makes me wonder, how bad do I look? and What can I change so they won't laugh at me?

People have told me, girls care about money, "size", and the likes and won't mind getting abused as long as they get those things. Now I would never strike anyone or abuse them. But now I'm a little worried now because I don't want to be out of luck.

Now I used to be 350lbs and went down to 206. I dress better(In my pic I'm in the aeropostale shirt). I wear nice polos and jeans. And I lost 5lbs since that pic.

Any help is appreciated.


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  • Will girls judge me based on my looks? Some will and some won't.

    how bad do I look? Extremely bad to me

    What can I change so they won't laugh at me? Egh no matter what you change there will be people who will still laugh at you. Just be a better version of yourself in every way- learn conversation/communication/social skills, gain some interesting life experiences, delve into or gain some hobbies, expand your social circle, and continue losing weight and working on your fashion sense.

    I am still a bit confused. I have been told that girls are shallow and will judge me based on my appearance.

    ^ This shouldn't be confusing. Girls are shallow since they're human beings and human beings tend to be shallow. Girls generally will judge you based on your appearance since physical attraction is important to most in a romantic/sexual relationship as most want a partner they find attractive. Just take a look at guys most approach a girl based on her physical appearance.

    People have told me, girls care about money, "size", and the likes and won't mind getting abused as long as they get those things.

    ^ That's false as a generalization. A few girls wouldn't mind being abused for those things not the general population of girls. Money is important to most girls for long-term relationships. Size is important to some as that correlates with their sexual pleasure and girls already get shortchanged in sex with only 30% chance of orgasm from a d*ck and even with foreplay having less than half the amount of orgasms as their partner.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Not that hard to get a girlfriend or a girl for sex guys usually just tend to make it harder for themselves because they see women as vending machines where if they do this & that she'll have to react in this set way rather than as human beings much less individuals with different thoughts. It's not about doing this and that it's being someone that someone wants to be with and having a life someone wants to be in.

    • why do I look bad?

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    • well if I'm going to be judged off the bat by a girl, there is no hope because she will have already made up her mind

    • By that logic then girls have no hope since most guys judge off the bat and approach a girl based on her physical appearance.

      Yet that logic is faulty because attractiveness is subjective so while some approach a certain girl others would.


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  • Here's a news flash. Most people care about looks. Most people want to be physically attracted to the person they have a romantic/sexual relationship with. Does that mean that everyone is shallow? No. People vary in what they find attractive or unattractive, as well as the amount of importance they put on physical appearance (i.e. some people place more importance on looks, others place more importance on personality).

    The people who tell you that "girls care about money, "size", and the likes and won't mind getting abused as long as they get those things" are likely men who are bitter because the girls they are interested in aren't interested in them, or date other guys that he doesn't like. Often they make assumptions about why the girl is with another guy, or the nature of her relationship with another guy. Are there some girls like this? Sure. But that doesn't mean that all, or even most girls are like this.

    Personally, I don't care about money or size, and I would never stand for a man who was abusive toward me, regardless of any other attributes he had.

  • My boyfriend is heavier than you are. Weight isn't an issue for most people. Honestly, I see lots of guys bigger than you with girls. It's the personality, how sweet and considerate you are. You are at the age where girls are starting to leave the "badboy" and go for the good guy.

    Fake your confidence, just be you. I'm not shallow, none of the girls I know are shallow.

    • What about penis size? Some people say it matter, others dont.

    • It depends on what you are looking for. My best friend right now is talking to a guy with a small d***. She is a little embarrassed about it, but she really likes him. Also, she is a size 0 and he is bigger than you.. he is BIIIG. If a girl is just in for a sex based relationship with pleasure, then yes, size will matter.. but, there are other things you can do. You have fingers and a mouth. Use them. And focus on the clit. But honestly, if I liked a boy, I wouldn't care if he was 3 inches. Ha

  • They will if you don't keep you self up and look a mess and it's noticeable. But if not and you keep your self looking decent then no. Not at all. Then it depends on what girl your dealing with.

  • No offence but you need to stop hanging out with crackheads, they have given you all this bullsh!t false information that your now actually stupid enough to belive. :S ...Girls won't "laugh" at you and ANY girl with some selfrespect will NOT accept being abused just because of "money" and/or "size"... This is so retarted that I couldn't stand reading it all.. too depressing.. I just wanna shoot myself right now... You need to Get out there and get to know people yourself, and make your OWN opinion about them... You WILL see how most of us are actually sweeter and more caring thank you might think :o)


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  • yes girls judge you from the way your hair looks if your teeth are straight if your pants are baggy or tight..there so fixed on detail its not funny.the best you can do it just make sure whatever you wear is alittle piece of you and you will never have a real problem..but girls talk about everything its just best to go with your heart..as long as your comfortable it makes things easy..its like when I see girls trying so hard to fit this or suck this in..guys aren't like that most of us just go with the flow.guy fashion has not really changed at all if you notice.and congrats on the weight loss to.you will be fine in do time I use to have some weight.i lost that and nobody knows who I am and its funny because I know them cool guys/girls even the nerds..im a friend of them all.but it just come with being comfortable with yourself because if your not how can you be around anyone..and its a go skill to have in the real world.hope I helped.

  • Do you have to ask this same question every time? It is kinda pathetic. I gave you a brilliant answer already, go find it, and f***ing do it. Stop complaining for real. Weak people complain, smart and adaptive people face the issues and get it sorted.

  • looks isn't your problem. you are the problem. you are packed with issues man, just chill out and stop caring.

  • we humans are shallow, so yes

  • see nothing wrong with pic and not all females are "shallow."

    read something, do a push up ...stop worry about others think of ya... f- the haterz.