What colors look best for dark brown/black hair?

I am going to a party tonight, and I wanna look really good. I just dyed my hair it is dark brown almost black. But I don't know what kind of make up I should do and what color of clothing would look best for my look? I have blue eyes and olive skin thanks (:


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  • Your makeup will depend mostly on your eye color. I would say browns, greys, golds, rusty peaches or plum colors.

    I would say blue or purple would look the best on you clothing wise. Any color that is bright as well as clean would be your best option.


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  • First off, holy sh*t you're cute.

    Second, can't say much about make up except not too heavy.

    Third, blue always goes well with dark hair, and if you have blue eyes all the better. You could really pull off pretty much whatever though.


What Girls Said 1

  • for your eye makeup blue eyes look good with purple, browns, blues, and silvers. of course how you do your makeup should somewhat go with your outfit. though browns and silvers go with just about anything- well anything. and colors for clothing; red always looks great with dark hair also maybe a darker blue color like navy or royal blue. dark purples and other bright colors would be good also.