Are "bigger" girls attractive?

Well, I just need some expansion on this idea of guys either being attracted to "bigger" girls or skinny ones?


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  • To me it's mostly mind over matter. I look at it this way. I am looking for a girl that I feel I will be able to have a great conversation with when we both are sitting on our rocking chairs together at 85 years old, when both of what looks we did have, are all faded now and we are these wrinkly old people. Yes with some of the bigger girls that I have dated in my past, it has taken me a little longer to move the relationship to the next level. Next Level meaning a sexual relationship. However when the relationship did move into that sexual level, It was better then With the thinner girl in some respects. Sure I still need to be sexually attracted to them, but it all works out in the end.


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  • Really depends on the guys. Some guys like girls with extra meat. However, it depends what you mean by bigger. I myself prefer girls on the smaller side. I have had bigger girls, and sometimes I had a hard time getting aroused....

  • Guys can be attracted to both; big or skinny. It depends on the girl. Both can be equally attractive.

  • I don't usually judge girls by weight! But I do judge whether or not she takes care of herself. If a girl smells like BO then I wouldn't consider! But then they're the exception to weight I wouldn't date a girl that's anorexic or one that 5'5 and 400pounds. that shows she doesn't care about her self to me!


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