Does gelatin really help grow your hair long faster?

has anyone experiences? and if yes did you take gelatin capsules or did you just eat a lot of gummi bears? and if yes how many a day? I read in a forum that a lot of people said their hair would grow faster by eating a lot of gelatin!


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  • It could be true, gelatin contains keratin, an important ingredient that can help make your hair grow longer and stronger. People take pills and sometimes mix gelatin with hot water to make shampoo out of it. But from the looks of your profile pic you have great hair, you're also hawt haha

    • thanks :) but I have split ends so I want my hair grow faster so that I can cut them off without loosing the lenght

    • yeah I would one day like to grow my hair out...totally metal!

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  • Ummm yes because what people say in a forum is very scientific LLOL

    • i don't know but they are all "hair freaks"

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    • -.- google gelatin hair growth and look how many hits there are

    • I did and found nothing remotely official. I reckon it is an underground conspiracy by gummy bear manufacturers to boost sales.

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  • the only thing gummy bears will grow is your stomach lmao and they will also stunt hair growth :P

  • I haven't tried this product but I personally used Reloxe for hair regrowth from this link

    and It really worked well for me and My hair was grown a lot.

  • gelatin does work, try eating jello

  • take prenatal vitamins or drink Ensure. when I did those two things (at different times) they really made my hair and nails grow fast

    • but isn`t it unhealthy to take prenatal vitamins?

    • I looked it up and it said that the extra iron used can because problems and so could the folic acid if you aren't pregnant. So I guess you could pass on the prenatal vitamins and go for the Ensure or one of those type drinks or a really good multivitamin for women.

  • It does not work. Biotin is said to help with hair growth, maybe that's what you mean?

    • no I've used it the hair didn't grow faster just a bit thicker...

    • Well I'm pretty sure eating gelatin will not help. I've heard about people try it, with no results. One of my friends was always complaining about her hair, and when she stopped eating gelatin (along with other things) because she found out what it actually was, her hair actually got in better shape, it may well be the other way around.