Guys, is it cute if girls are a little awkward sometimes?

I'm a little bit awkward and one of my coworkers, whom I have a big crush on noticed. He said he thought I was a bit awkward and was smiling a little when he said it. Did he think it was cute? Would you think it was cute if a girl acted a little awkward around you at times, boys? Thanks!


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  • If I'm attracted to you, oh hell yes.


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  • 100% ! just how it's sexy for a guy to be confident, it's sexy for a girl to be the damzel. guys want to be your heroe and feel like they're the king kong of the world. they can't do that if they're speaking to a girl with attitude. just like girls enjoy taming the bad boy, guys like opening up the shy girl.

  • As long as I was attracted to yes it very cute and the coworker seems interested :)

    • He has told me he only likes me as a friend. But he often compliments me and says I'm "the one he can count on". Also, once when I was still new to cashiering he said "You're checking me out!". (like he thought it was really cool I'd learned how). I blushed and mumbled that I wasn't checking him out in that manner. He thought that was funny. He's in a position over me now, but only until recently he was just a fellow coworker; now he's my boss.

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