What are good hairstyles for rounded face girls?

I have an oval shaped face and my hairstyle looks OK with it but I want something that makes it look less round. It is not because I am fat I was naturally born with it so don't put work out. NO SHORT HAIRCUTS I don't like short anywhere above the shoulder. post pics or descriptions


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  • i can't see your face because I don't have a picture but I have a more rounded face too, which is actually a pretty thing in many cases.

    i would say keep the hair long, get angles in the front that start below the chin and maybe some sideswept bangs that are long and sweeping.

    • i like your idea and now I have a picture its not my main one but its on my pics


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  • if your truly an oval face shape your lucky becasue just about any hairstyle will work for you. but nothing extremely long or extremely short. but if your a circle shape you want long hair.

  • Go with long hair. Short hair is for bringing out certain facial features.