Guys, what kind of wallet do you prefer?

Right now I have a black leather bifold, I like bifold because it is thinner than trifolds and your bills don't come out curling up on the edges. Anyway mine is looking rather threadbare and I think it is time to get a new one. What type of wallets do you guys like?


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  • Of "bifolds" and "trifolds" and all of the rest

    I find that I like "others people's" the best


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  • Simplest bifold I can get. At some point I may get a long wallet that fits in the inner breast pocket of a jacket for when I'm wearing one.

    If you like rugged wallets I'd take a look at saddleback leather.

    If you want to drop more money without hitting Hermes levels look at ettinger or launer

  • I have a black leather Calvin Klein bi-fold wallet. I carry a man-bag so that's where my wallet is. If I am going out and want to travel light, I have a small black leather front pocket wallet I use.

    • Tell me more about this "man-bag" I am curious.

    • The one I currently carry is a Coach. It was ordered from the men's portion of their website and cost me around $215 about four years ago. It is black canvas with leather trim, stainless steel hardware and a cotton strap. The strap is quite long and I usually wear it across my body. It is showing its age, but has held up well. I load up all my gear in it and never have to dig around in my pockets for anything I need. I've got a laugh from one guy in Milwaukee, otherwise compliments on it.

  • Not sure what name brand it is. The last one I had which I got when I was like nine was just coming apart at the seams. I would take it out to pay for something, and I swear every time I did I would leave a piece of it on the counter. I went down to the leather shop, found a nice plain black one with probably eight or ten card holder slots, and two bill compartments that seemed to be decent quality and bought it. My cousin has one made from stingray hide, it's pretty cool.

  • I always just get a surfer-ish canvas wallet made by Animal / Ripcurl / etc.

    I can't stand leather wallets - they look and feel horrid, and they're kind of the wallet equivalent of a suit (very bland, conservative and formal - not really my style).

  • I've got a black clothe Gucci bifold with a window. Coach is played out. Step up to a Gucci or LV and you won't be sorry.

  • ive used one like this for years: effective and not bulky