Do women hold a little resentment for good looking men out in public who aren't approaching?

Like do you see good looking guys and at least just a little say to yourself "wtf man! Why are you wasting everyone's time, why aren't you talking to women?". "So many cute girls walking around here and none of the guys are approaching any of them." "Wtf are you guys doing?". - Or something like that ? Because men do feel some resentment towards good looking women for what we feel is them not making enough of an effort to promote interaction.


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  • No, no hard feelings, because I know that some guys are "taken" (boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses, or even just guys in love with a specific person). Respectable guys just wouldn't approach under those circumstances.

    Women who feel insecure about themselves at the roots of their souls might be inclined to feel the sort of thing you're describing, getting upset when attention is not pored on them by every guy in the room (attractive or not). Inexperienced women might feel bewildered when they think they look good and others don't recognize their effort. Experienced women with adequate self-confidence don't care whether guys approach them or not; they're not in a given place at a given time simply to get a guy's attention; they're there for themselves and feel happiness with those who are worthy of their attention.


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  • The ones with the princess/entitlement mental disorder do. You can tell by the way they start to pout. It's truly a strange phenomenon to witness.