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Yoga pants fad-will it ever go away?

I see countless women wearing them outside of the gym and yoga class because apparently it's the new fad to be lazy and put on these pants instead of... Show More

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  • I hate when girls wear yoga pants outside of the gym. It's not attractive, it looks cheap and it's only acceptable for a time and place.

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  • I don't wear them outside so its not a fad for me

  • No but I don't like the leggings as pants either..I haven't worn them or yoga pants out in public but I have friends that do

  • I think they're here to stay for a while. Uggs are still here.

    I don't think laziness has anything to do with it. It takes the same amount of time to put on yoga pants as it does jeans and skirt.

    I think it's more about the comfort than anything. Girls probably think they make their bodies look good too since they are so revealing.

  • It is actually comfortable and yeah I can see it possibly being out of style because alotta trends fade eventually.

  • They actually are quite comfortable although no I'm not one of those women who wear yoga pants in public - I don't think I've even worn sweatpants in public in my whole 28 years of life.

    Anyway, to answer your question I doubt yoga pants will ever completely go away as long as yoga exists, pilates exist, they are comfortable to wear and people still take airplanes because I seem to see most yoga pants when I'm on a plane.

  • itll most likely go away I thought they were dumb too but now I have 2 pairs that I usually just wear when I'm around the house not going anywhere or sleeping in them because I think they are comfy I've only worn them out of the house like 2 or 3 times and I've had them for over a year haha

  • All fads go away. That's why they are called fads.

  • Hm, I don't personally wear them... but other than being comfy, I know quite a few girls who wear them because they've heard that guys realllly like them on a girl. That's about it, I suppose. I like jeans the best :3 haha

    • I thought girls dressed for girls LOL

  • Well if we're going for comfort, it's either yoga or sweats. And I think that most people would agree that yoga pants are cuter.

  • 1st of all, McDonalds? Please. I feel no need to put anything special on McDonalds. It's about as low as it's humanly possible to get on the 'I feel the need to look nice for this place' scale.

    2nd- Yes they are comfortable! Oh my god they are comfortable!

    3rd- What is wrong with it? A lot of times I'll finish a workout then immediately go to the store or someplace. When I'm out and about I don't have to look nice if I don't want to.

    4-Why are you of the opinion that if a woman doesn't take the time to primp for your viewing pleasure that she's lazy? Very few pairs of jeans look nice. Most of them are shapeless crap. There ARE good brands/cuts, but the vast majority of them are mommy jeans.

    5- How do they not look good? I think that many women pull them off and look sporty.


    What happens when the alarm clock rings, you hit snooze, and the next time it rings you have 10 min to jump out of bed and get to class? You go in your PJs. Mine happen to include yoga pants. I have gone to class MANY times in yoga pants. No complaints from anyone.


    • Just sayin'

  • Probably. They are very comfortable though. I was under the impression that men loved yoga pants cause they show off a girls butt. Was I wrong? Haha

    • Wouldn't this be a generalization of an entire gender? Probably shouldn't do that

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    • Some men who you will date, are on a budget, if Mcdoanlds is where he takes you, you should be happy he's at least taking you out

    • you are correct that men love it, well this man does. I'm more annoyed with uggs then yoga pants

  • Yoga pants are my favorite things to wear, no I don't wear them everyday, but on a rainy day or a Monday, they are perfect :)

  • I'm sure the new fad is wearing leggings as pants

  • The only time I dress down when I go out somewhere is if I know I'm going to be working and getting dirty and I don't want to ruin good clothes. Even then, I wear jeans and a decent t-shirt that I don't look terrible in. I like to look good for me, and no one else, because I respect myself more for it.

    I'm not going to wear sweat pants or yoga pants- I don't wear yoga pants anyway- unless it's to the gym or to yoga class. I hope I never get forced into a yoga class. I prefer boot camp type classes to yoga. More fun.

    • I'd also be very self conscious in yoga pants. It would drive me crazy to have guys ogling me all day.

  • Of course it will go away :p but yoga pants are really comfortable and it's not really THAT common to see a girl wearing them. Most people still wear jeans.

  • I love my yoga pants. Yes, because they are comfortable, but not because I am lazy. Because I'll get all dressed up and make those yoga pants look gooooooood. Atleast in my eyes I guess...you do have a point, some people do do it because they are too lazy to put on nice pants, but when you have a pair of name brand yoga pants you paid $50 for, you want to wear them. They are fashionable to a point. And my boyfriend thinks I look great in them, so yeah, I wear them for comfort and to look good.

    Have you seen girls' butts in those things? I mean come on! I'm 100% straight, but they can make ANY butt look good!

    • Noone said you had to buy them

    • Umm...did you hear me complaining?

      Don't ask questions if you don't want to hear people disagree with you.

      Because it looks like you're going after everyone that disagrees with you.

      This site is to get opinions, not diss on everyone who doesn't agree with you.

    • I stated my opinion. That's what the site is USED for

  • I think it's just out of laziness, too. And a lot of girls will say they "make their butt look good." I disagree with that. Yoga pants outside of the gym kind of look obscene. They're skin tight and just do not look good whatsoever. They're def. not flattering.

    • Thank youuuuuu

  • It's not a fad, some people like to wear comfortable clothing when excercising. They're called YOGA pants, hence lots of women do yoga in them. And I don't ever think it'll go away, either, so I guess you shouldn't get your hopes up XD We're not lazy, we just like style and comfort. And who exercises in jeans?!

    • Umm, hello. People wear them to school, and out to places like Mcdonalds. It's a fad

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    • Actually QA it seems you are the one who can't accept another persons opinion

    • Nope

What Guys Said 8

  • it's pants... who cares what people wear. you go ahead and stick to materialistic bullsh*t just to appease others. I'll be comfortable in my tank and jeans while you look like a dofus with all that name brand sh*t you wear just because it's "classy" or "flattering".

  • Women can wear anything they want. I think it's perfectly acceptable for women to wear yoga pants outside of the gym and I have no concept of how that can be considered lazy. It can be very casual, but what's wrong with that sometimes. I take it you don't think women should wear large sweater or track pants either. I happen to think that yoga pants look awesome and have seen many women look classy and stylish with them on. Please women do not listen to this guy keep wearing yoga pants.

  • Yoga pants beat sweats. I hate it when girls wear sweats.

    • Yeah, I totally agree with that however...Im just saying, there's a time and a place for each

    • aww, I'm so sorry? psssht

    • Wear sweats out in public or period? I wore sweats to school one day, because I woke up late and wasn't feeling good and thought I didn't care how I looked. I got to school, was comfortable as hell, but self conscious all day. Next day felt the same exact way, and dressed up anyway. haha

  • why would we care what they wear? lol its there body...if they want to wear that we can't do anything. If you don't want to see girls wearing them. Don't look at them!

  • I have never heard of a man complain about this. There for I am just gonna state my opinion and that is I believe women should continue to wear what makes them happy/comfortable

  • Yes, it is a fad, and yes, it will go away. Both men's and women's fashion fluctuate in terms of formality, and often they are not really in synch. Right now it seems that women's fashions are on the heavily informal side, while men's fashion is actually moving in the more formal direction. You can't really say this is right or wrong. It is just one aspect of social changes.

    I'm no expert, but I think that women these days are trying to express their feminity. In the 80's women's fashion was based heavily on immitating men's fashion, shoulder pads and muted colors were in. Then in the 90's I think it was more about individualism and rebellion for both men and women, with the grunge image being popular, but flannel shirts are not very feminine either.

    The past decade or so I think women have been getting more comfortable with showing feminity and curves. Maybe they are trying to reclaim that feminine appeal that has been slowly decreasing in women's fashion for many years. That, combined with a rejection of societal norms regarding modesty has resulted in many women, typically younger women, wearing clothing that not long ago would have been considered inappropriate in most social settings.

    Of course that's all just a guess, I'm not an expert by any means.

  • They are crazy hot :O

  • Yoga pants don't flatter the figure? You don't like seeing tight clothes on girls? What's wrong with you, man? Just some questions to answer up there...







    ^Those girls are totally gross :S

    • I need to change my pants now thanks!

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    • nice pics, lmao. Made me smile today, thanks. :)

    • You like girls too? :)

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