Sometime, I wish I was average not above average

Because I saw average guys get more laid and women than above average like me. I'm so jealous of average guys or maybe girls did not find me attractive or something? Average guys are very lucky.


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  • It probably has nothing to do with your looks and everything to do with your personality.


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  • Lies and stereotypes,...don't say that,...its not true,...It'd be true if you were to be walking naked and so were average guys and women would all of a sudden pick average sized men over you,...but that's not true guess it's just a coincidence that theyre picking average guys (bet the majority of these women don't even know they"ve hooked up with average men until they get laid),..pshhh your time will come :)

  • If you're above average, of course girls find you attractive. Generally, average guys have a better personality. Just be nice, smile, etc.. It gets you what you want most of the time.

  • how do you act around them?

    • I act around girls is fine but they seems look at me like asexual or something I don't know what it is.

    • it depends on how you define fine... what you think is fine may not be fine for other people

  • Are you African?

    • no I'm african American. I was born and raise in American all of my life.

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    • i'm calm down now lol. Sort of both ask them and shy throw out hints but I think the reason why I didn't ask them because I'm deaf it hard for me to ask out hearing girls. I know they are not fond of deaf guys.

    • Hmmm, well that's a tough one. Can you hear with a hearing aid? I would try those if you haven't. Ummm, see if there are any sign launguage groups out there.

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