People say looks don't matter to girls, women, as much as they do to guys, men, I think looks matter more?

it seems don't you think? I think attractive people, basically hot guys, hot girls, will have it the easiest in dating and relationships, in terms of attracting someone, overall, physically attractive people, girls say they like personality more, that's bullsh*t in my opinion, what do you think?

i have never seen an ugly, average or below average, fat guy with a physically-hot, very attractive girl before, unless he was rich but that's it


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  • i would say looks matter just as much to girls as they do to guys, it's just after the initial attraction based on looks, girls judge the guy's personality then more than the guy would judge the girl's personality


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  • link There's tons of people who go for those who are less attractive, and money isn't always a motive. I'm not going to say that looks don't matter at all. However, a person's definition of ugly might differ from yours. What's ugly, and wha'ts not? Lord knows that I'm attracted to people who aren't exactly the model type.

    I think physical appearance is extremely important. But it's all about preference. Who I might think is good looking, might be exceedingly ugly to someone else. It all depends on the person's taste.

  • Like Beyonce link and Jayz link ?

    Girls can fall for personality...its more common.

    Guys can fall for personality...but it is less common.

    Being physically attractive does help you date..but it can push some people away from you..with intimidation and all..but either way if your personality probably will end up being a hit and quit.

  • When you're just getting to know someone, of course it's about looks. If we all said we didn't care about looks when it came to instantaneous attraction, we'd be lying, or blind. And trust me, I am NOT one of the blessed ones. But, in my experience, girls are more likely to be influenced by personality after the fact. You can meet the most attractive guy in a room, and initially be extremely attracted to him... but if he turns out to be extremely rude, or jerk to the people around him... that good opinion goes down FAST for most of us. And the opposite can be true. You can know a guy who is just kind of mediocre looking, or even conventionally unattractive, but if he turns out to be great with kids, or have a really sweet disposition, or if he's genuinely funny... that good opinion goes way up.

    There's no way to manufacture chemistry between two people. But chemistry can change fairly easily. I can't speak for guys. I'm not one. But I do know that girls, the ones that are worth being with, are not long fooled by a pretty face.

  • It depends for me if he's ugly he has to have a swag or something unique that will grasp my attention.. Example dressed well cute smile or very funny the list goes on

  • in theory, yes.. but there are some strange couples out there with one really attractive person and a chewbacca for a mate


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