Would you rather date a girl with naturally curly hair or straightened hair?

So if a girl had naturally curly hair (like she's mixed white/black), would you rather her wear it natural or would you rather her straighten it?


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  • I'd be okay with either style. To me, it is far more important that it be long (down to the waist would be ideal, but anything longer than shoulder length is what I like) than if a girl has curly or straight hair. Whichever style she preferred, I'd be down with it. She can switch it up too, that would be great. As long as she lets me play with it and pull it, her hair is good hair to me. :)


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  • Love the natural look, don't hardly see it enough 0_o. I mean I think it still looks good straight but usually prefer it curly as long as she didn't mind me sometimes playing with it :P

    • Okay cool, cause that's how my hair is, and guys are always telling me to straighten it. Its annoying :/ but thanks!

    • haha :D

  • Naturally curly. I think it's more fun to play with curly hair.

  • Curly all the way!


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  • I'm not a guy but more guys hit on me when its straight but I've only been called beautiful when I wore it curly but my hair is shoulder length straightenedand I'm african American

    • I'm mixed but my hair is super curly, and its so annoying. Cause a few guys always tell me to straighten it. And it's long so it takes like 2 hours or more. UGH!

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    • Some people use gel and or leave in conditioner to define their curls


      Curlynikki.com somewhat helps or YouTube "wash and go"

    • Okay I'll look at those. Yeah I do use leave in.