What percentage of the opposite gender do you find attractive?

(or same sex if that's how you roll) Just curious if this differs for girls and guys. Personally, I would say that physically I find about 10% of guys in my high school classes attractive (as far as I can tell this is low compared to my friends), but I find far fewer (even of nice guys) have "attractive" personalities. Thoughts?


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  • I think that I can see beauty in most women. Positive things are more likely to stand out to me.

    Percentage wise, maybe 75% or something. That doesn't mean I find that percentile irresistible, just attractive/good looking women. There are still other factors if I were to be interested in them.


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  • I think a lot. Probably somewhere close to 70-80%.

    Of course there are varying levels of attractiveness, but if you're just talking about any sort of attractive I think that's accurate for me.

  • 40% of girls physically 18-25

  • From the whole age of human I find attractive only girls from 16 to 30.

    If the average age is about 80 years, then that range is about 20% of the whole.

    And from that "active range" (as to younger or older women I don't even look at that way) also not all girls are attractive. Roughly one from ten is.

    So it's 2% of the whole.


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  • 75% of the guys around my campus are pretty good looking.

    They aren't greek gods lol - but a considerable amount of the dudes take good care of their hygiene, a bit of style, and work out faithfully. Majority of them are so unbelievably friendly - it's almost scary how happy these guys always are ha ha.

    Just good people and company.

    There's not a gender barrier, or discrimination barrier of any sorts; there are nerdier people with jock / sporty people, everyone bonds over watching public movies in the main corridors of the dorms or campus yard.

    The guys are just so sickeningly sweet lol - always helping each other out, fights rarely happen, good sense of comradery and very well mannered.

    All you have to do is smile at a guy here and he'll smile back and say " wassup? " to you - whether your cute or not.

    Kind of cool because everyone has their own little thing they go about doing - which makes each individual dude unique in his own little way.

    Ha ha it's too happy here - somedays I pray for a riot or some craziness to go down - just to shake up the monotony lol

    • That sounds like a good environment. Good for you!

    • It really is lol - too good :P it's a nice reality from the usualy thought that people are rude and nasty or have no personalities; my roommate is from New York and she was shocked at how kind people naturally were in CO lol

  • probably 20-25%?

  • find attractive? a fair amount. feel personally attracted to? very few. attraction is very mental for me, that's why