Guys brutal honesty on uneven boobs,please?

OK,so one of my boobs is practically a whole cup size and a half bigger than my other but my boyfriend says he doesn't mind even though it just gets worse, along with my confidence level since I have to adjust my clothes in certain ways or wear push up bras or put in those fake silicone inserts...Yeah,its pretty bad. Would you guys care? Or brush it off? If you did care,would break up with a girl over it?

If your a girl,and you have any suggestions on how to fix it that would be much appreciated :-\


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  • Hey, it happens. I have one ball that hangs lower than the other. Would you break up with me over it? I'd like to think not. If you gave me access to your breasts, I would be happy to give both of them all the attention and loving you could tolerate. I'm sure your boyfriend loves them in just the same matter. Let him play with them often so that he can appreciate how much it REALLY DOESN'T matter to him, and ultimately why with his help, it won't matter to you either. :)

    • Just so you know every guy has that lol.

    • I know, but mine is a lot lower on one side, not just a little bit.

    • thnx 4 ba


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  • Would not care. Everyone has flaws really. If you care about someone then you learn to love things like that.

  • don't care


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  • i actually have the same problem my left breast is a DD and my right is a D. it can mess with your confidence for awhile but most guys don't care. boobs are boobs to them. no one I've been with has cared. good luck :)

    • anybody seen speak out?

    • Yeah I'm a B and a AA so it's hard for me to wear any shirt without seeing it myself I've tried to neutrally look in the mirror and I still see it. I know/hope people don't really stare at my boobs lol but I think it's just because I know myself :/ but thank you :)

    • ur welcome I went through that same issue but as soon as I accepted the fact that I was different and embraced my uniqueness I became so much happier with myself. I mean its still hard dealing with not being able to wear certain shirts cause of it but if you can't change it then own it lol