Why do girls the same bra size as me look so much bigger?

Even in swimsuits that aren't push up, they look bigger.

Is it because of my height? I'm 5'11 and a 34B, and they are all shorter, so I thought maybe it could be because I have more body for boobs to be on?

Does that even make sense..

Some one help. I am so insecure about my boobs.


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  • Part of it has to do with the fact that many girls don't wear the correct size bra for their bust. If you have an upscale department store in your area like a Nordstrom, talk to the ladies there in the lingerie department. They really know their stuff when it comes to measuring your breasts and will help fit you for the proper bra. There's a decent chance that you or your friend that you are comparing yourself to are wearing an incorrectly sized bra for your breasts.

    Being tall with petite breasts is not a curse. Wearing dresses that accentuate you legs on the bottom while being form-fitting in the top can make even b-cup breasts look beautiful on a tall woman. The two girls I've dated long-term were 6'2" and 5'11" respectively and neither one of them had double D's pouring out their tops. They just mastered the look I described two sentences ago.

    • Thank you for the best answer. Go girl your "girls" checked out and fitted. Once you flatter them with the right bras and clothing, you'll feel a lot better about them. Also, there are plenty of guys that love petite breasts, so don't sweat their size. I'm sure they are lovely.

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    • Sounds like you're doing a lot of good things already. Keep up the good work!

    • My eating habits could use work. But, my metabolism is fast.. so I don't care that much yet.


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  • it's hard to explain, but that's just how it is. shorter girls who weigh the same as you will also look way heavier. it's about proportion. proportionally, yours are smaller than theirs.

  • Bra styles and brands all affect the size. A 34B in one brand might be a 34C in another. It all depends on their sizes. It could be because you are tall. Plus everyone is different. Some people have really full boobs, while others have regular boobs. Your friend could also be wearing the wrong size.

  • Height definitely makes a difference in appearance .When I was in my teens to early 20s my sister and I had the same measurements 38D- 28- 40 she was 5'2" I was 5'7" . She looked way curvier & bigger in the bust then me. We both would have preferred a B or C cup.

  • Don't feel insecure about your boobs...alot of girls have them.

  • breasts come in all different shapes and sizes. the reason they look like they have larger breasts is because they are short, my friends look the same way compaired to me...and I'm 5'4" with 34D, I know that can hurt sometimes. just be happy with what you have and try not to compare yourself to others, it really hurts your confidence :/ but I'm sure you look fine the way you are:)