What do you think of a girl with dramatic hair?

OK guys, so many girls are creative and 'stand out'. They are influenced by the things they like, like rihanna maybe, they might have bright red hair. Or if they're all cutesy kawaii type they might have bubble gum pink hair, cool hairstyles. I get impressed when I see a girl with cool hair, especially pink, I think it's awesome and with I was brave enough to have it haha, but what do guys actually thing of this? Do you find it unattractive? Attention seeking? Unnecessary? Do you not mind, would you prefer her without it? Girls you can answer this too, but I'm sure girls don't care right? ;)

Okay, so what are your opinions on cool/crazy/creative hair colors or styles. Let me know!


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  • I don't mind it usually, it's a stand out thing and it will grab a lot of attention. Usually its a kind of a statement of boldness and a rebellious nature, one might end up attracting a certain type of person from it. I don't find it unattractive, if I liked a girl I wouldn't care if she was bald. As attention seeking I kinda have to say yeah to that question, I mean its cool they're being different but people try to be different to get noticed.


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  • You can say I have wild /crazy hair.

    So it would be very hypocritical for me to judge someone for their fashion.

    I think its cute, depending on the style.

  • I LOVE women who have unique hairstyles. Met this one punk girl at an anime convention who had parts of her head shaven in a weird way. Ugh... regret not having the social skills to ask her out >.<


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  • I just love unnatural hair colours;v; Here in Sweden it's rea common actually , In the central city 1/100 have it, and then I don't mean some streaks, I mean full blue or pink hair! mines pastel pink and I can't see myself without unnatural hair?, I've had it for soon 2 years now i think? and I'm only 15 haha uwu