Hair gel and hair loss

I am a 23 years old girl and I lost 90 % of my hair from hair gel.What shoul I do to regrow my hair. I have not hormonal disfunction, the iron is OK, it`s not genetic. PLEASE HELP ME


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  • First, sue the hair gel company because I don't think its allowed to do that.

    Then, see a doctor

    • it happens to a lot of people hair gel is known for making your hair fall out if used in mass amounts

    • Oh. Never knew that. I've never used the stuff before.

      She should definitely go see a doc. Try rogaine for women?

    • I tried but didn`t help me. The cause is not dht


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  • Sue the company, I say go your hair back to a certain length and start to twist them into dreads. I know a guy who was completely bald from something and grew a fullset of hair with dreads.

  • but your a girl. how can you lose hair .im 21 and losing it.

  • It's not the gel that is causing the hair loss, I have yet to hear of a gel unless you made it yourself that would cause hair loss. Go see a Dr.

    • yes gel does it breaks your hair I lost all of my hair a few years back gel breaks it and kills it off

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  • stop all bad habits: heat styling, using gel (obvi), coloring your hair, etc.

    improve your diet, lots of fruits veggies and protein protein protein!

    drink lots of water

    take biotin supplements 2000-3000 mcgs a day (micrograms)

    go to the doctors also and see if there is anything they can do/prescribe

    • I live in Yugoslavia and the doctors don`t know what to do for me. I am the first with hair loss caused by hair gel.

    • then I would do the above and maybe google it to see if there's anything else you can do

  • Well I will be the one to address the elephant in the room I guess...

    Stop using the hair gel.

    (Also, go see a doctor, could be something more)

  • same thing happend to me stop using the gel and don't dye or straighten , relax, perm, your hair until it comes back thick and health but cut off the remaining amount wear wigs.. and don't EVER use gel again. gel is infamous for that when you use it in mass amounts my hair grew back 90% in a year, almost to my shoulders but I've cut it a couple more times. and I'm black which I don't know if you are or not but it sounds like it

    • No I am not black. No I dond1t use gel for about 8 years

    • well then I wod say if that long its not gel more likely caused by some genetic issue lack of something

    • No it`s not genetic, the first year I used products for dht hormone and I spent a lot of money on products without result. The pores on my scalp era clogged but I don`t know what to put on my scalp to uncloged the pores.