Why do guys get intimidated by "good looking women"?

you guys do realize that a large majority of those beautiful women aren't actually that beautiful? it's just make up and lots of maintenance

almost all those girls that guys are intimidated by would look average without their make up hair done and everything else


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  • Here is why: Beautiful women live on a different planet. All their lives they are treated differently than average women, both on a conscious level and an unconscious level. Most guys fawn all over them, and even other women treat them differently. That bias affects how they deal with other people (including average men...)

    I have to say that to me it isn't the makeup that I find makes women good looking, is is their body structure, curves, musculature, posture, facial features, hair, intelligence, communications ability, and even how they dress.

    I'm not sure it is correct ot say that I'm intimidated by them, but I'm not very interested as it is obviously a waste of my time. How do I know? Experience.


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  • I am not the most gorgeous girl in the world, but I am pretty I would say, and I intimidate guys because I don't appear friendly... I am shy so I do my thing, avoid eye contact, etc. Like for example at the gym, I look like I am on a mission and thus no one wants to approach me, they just look at me and then stop looking because they get the hint. If someone appears a certain way, it can intimidate others, its not just physical beauty its all things.

  • The guy I like won't approach me, and no guys will because they're, say, intimidated.

    And I don't spend more than 20 minutes on getting ready in the morning.

    I do know some girls that the guys are intimidated by that are simply gross. Next time you get intimidated by a girl look at her face close-up and see how much makeup she's wearing. I find it very telling.


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  • It is a combination of a physiological reaction on a chemical level of fearfulness, plus a mental block that exceptionally beautiful women are "unattainable".

    The first thing, is hard for men to control, as we are visually wired creatures.

    The second thing is a struggle in the mind, but with a proper re-framing of the girl, you come to realize that she's a girl just like any other, and would probably like to have a boyfriend if she doesn't have one already (another assumption many men make about attractive girls, often wrong).

    Lastly, when I see a girl that is exceptionally beautiful, I try to view her as a six year old girl, not her 20-something year old self. If you imagine you are approaching a toddler who just wants to be teased and played with, your mental state is much more relaxed and you can focus on other things besides her physical attributes.

    • That's interesting. Maybe I'll use the toddler-approach when talking to men.

    • If you are scared of men when talking with them, or at least nervous, sure, go ahead and use it. Being playful, as long as you don't use baby talk, is what flirting is all about.

  • I don't.

  • I'm guessing because they judge more harshly? Would this the same reason some women are nervous/intimidated by attractive guys?

  • I'm not intimidated by them.

  • The women I'm intimidated by are the ones who look off putting. Like...their body language is off putting, regardless of how good looking they are. If a woman has her arms crossed and not smiling, those are the worst two off putting things she can do. It's an immediate sign for me to not approach her...however, yes, I do realize there are women out there who look inviting, but are intimidating because they look like they're high maintenance

  • That's true. Every once in a while, you'll catch a glimpse of a sex symbol celebrity without the make up and photoshop and they aren't that great looking any more.

    Still a little timid around attractive girls, though.