Why do guys get intimidated by "good looking women"?

you guys do realize that a large majority of those beautiful women aren't actually that beautiful? it's just make up and lots of maintenance

almost all those girls that guys are intimidated by would look average without their make up hair done and everything else


Most Helpful Guy

  • Here is why: Beautiful women live on a different planet. All their lives they are treated differently than average women, both on a conscious level and an unconscious level. Most guys fawn all over them, and even other women treat them differently. That bias affects how they deal with other people (including average men...)

    I have to say that to me it isn't the makeup that I find makes women good looking, is is their body structure, curves, musculature, posture, facial features, hair, intelligence, communications ability, and even how they dress.

    I'm not sure it is correct ot say that I'm intimidated by them, but I'm not very interested as it is obviously a waste of my time. How do I know? Experience.