Embarrassed about scar on chest.

I have a scar (about 2-3 inches long) on my upper chest from surgery. It's not on my boob but it's above it and in that general area. Is this like really gross? Does guys think it's nasty and really unattractive?


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  • I'm with the other guys. A scar isn't gross. It just means you've had life experience. I don't believe anyone has ever lived their life without some sort of lasting skin blemish. I had a tracheatomy at age 11. That left a pretty big scar on my throat (I overscar). There were some issues I had to deal with coming out of that and going through school. Remember, a guy will love you for you. He will only see the best in you. So turn that scar around into something better than good, and stop being so embarrassed. It's a part of you now. It's your story. Embrace it, don't be ashamed. The sooner you feel confident about your looks, the sooner others will notice- and confidence in looks affects a lot more than just that. It trickles over into other areas of personal life.

    Good luck!


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  • I don't think it's gross. A scar is something you can't help notice. But a small surgery scar is nothing to be embarrassed about. It's probably a much bigger deal to you than to others.

    You've probably got an interesting story to go along with the scar, too :)

  • Unless you were planning a career as a model, don't give it another thought. I have scars of my own and, through the years, I have dated women with various scars, and It never even entered into my mind. As you get older you'll see what I mean, but for now, erase it from your thoughts. If you dwell on it, it will become a problem for you. Remember, it's only in your mind. You're the only one it will ever bother, so let it go. Be confident.

  • Scars are just part of being alive. If someone has a problem with them, move on to the next. Not everyone is that shallow.

  • you can actually get rid of the scar. find a massage therapist to do cross fiber friction on the scar and over time it will diminish or you could look it up online and try to do it yourself though I think you would have more success letting a massage therapist do the technique

  • no not at all

    my girlfriend was is in the military and she had a vest on but when she got hit by a bullet it still well I don't know how exactly but her breast is bruised and the ones smaller thne the ohter but it don't bother me


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  • I had open heart surgery just before my teens. Doctors have me option of plastic surgery but said scar would be hardly noticeable by 18.
    Nope. Still there and plastic surgery was not an option... Why go through more after going through so much?
    At first it was uncomfortable...( bikinis, certain outfits, sex, etc...).
    Although it was there it didn't stop me from wearing the bikini I liked opposed to a bikini that covered it.
    I have never dated a man that had any problem with it. I mean my boobs aren't ginormous so, those ( together ) didn't even make up for them ;D!
    All in all, I've learned to live with it and love it. It gives me something more unique about me that I only can share with whomever I want. Besides, I wouldn't be here if I didn't have it.
    No worries, don't let it stop u from wearing anything or nothing at all. ... :)
    Everyone has some type of flaw sometimes may not be a visual one. But if ever u get a comment by someone (other than children cause they can at times have diarrhea of the mouth and think out loud just out of confusion or curiosity) know that hurtful things can be said just to bring u down. I say, #%[¥ 'em! If I honestly cared about their thoughts then it would matter, but when it comes to my personal being I could give a #%[¥ what people thought.
    Head up... show it to few people here and there... break it in... u'll learn to appreciate the confidence and strength doing this will bring.
    Good Luck & Much Love!!! <3 scars rock!!!