I can't even be in Bikini around his friends?

We have pool and occasioanly I use it for leisure not workout, so I wear a bikini instead of one piece.

Yesterday my husband had some friends over and I wanted to go for a swim, so I went to the pool, through our living room "only" in bikini. I admit it may have been the best idea I've ever had but I'm sure they have seen women in bikinis before.

He totally freaked out however. He immeadetly jumped up once I entered the room and covered me with his jacket. I felt so stupid, why did he do that?


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  • He probably thought it was inappropriate because his friends were there.

    I mean, a bikini is more revealing than a standard set of bra and panties lol - so I guess he thought it was too provocative in the presence of his friends. Didn't want his friends checking you out like that I suppose.

    Even though they respect you as his wife, men can't help but check out a girl in a bikini.

    I don't think it was super controlling - now if he starts telling you to never show your ankles and tie your hair up - then he's getting out of hand.

    Guys tend to be very weird about that - my aunt can still rock a bikini ( she's 41 ) because she takes care of her body - and my uncle gets weird when we go to the water park because there will be other dudes checkin her out every now and then.

    So I'm guessing he just got a bit possessive.

    Dont' feel stupid - it's more of his own personal quirk than yours so. And I mean you were thinking those men had seen girls in bikini's before, which is true - and if you guys were all at a beach, I bet he wouldn't have freaked out lol - so your kinda justified in your thinking there.


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  • He jelly. He can also deal with it, it's not like you were prancing around in a bikini with no intention to go near the pool. You could blow it out of proportion and offer to wear a burqa if he wants to be a d*** about it.

  • On one hand, he's right and on the other hand, you're right. Yes, you shouldn't have done it, because he was obviously a little insecure about you showing off your body like that to his friends, however..you are right because lots of people in relationships, especially marriages, want to know that they are still attractive to other people. I get it, we're all human. We like to feel attractive, but it probably wasn't the best way to go about it

    • what are you even talking about?

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    • from where you get the information that I wanted attention from him. We just got married, we're both young and I feel attractive with him, I wasn't trying to get any attention. I just didn't think much of it

    • The fact that you JUST got married makes it even worse, that you want to feel validated by other men.

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  • Maybe he covered you up because he knows how his friends think?

    Guys (and women too, for that matter) can often have a pretty graphic imagination that they tell their friends about when they see a woman scantily clad.

    Or it could be he did not want them to think about trying to seduce you in the future.

    It sounds like he didn't want them to think of you like that, which makes sense to me.

  • Awwwww, that's so cute :D , he is just jealous dear and want you to be only his , maybe he knows what his friends are up to .. maybe they ll keep daydreaming about you etc etc ( yes weird, but it happens ) .. he is just jealous and I think it is very nice.. My boyfriend is the same and I don't mind it all, it's just adorable :D

  • He was concerned about what his friends would say/think, he just wanted to protect you because your his wife. I think it's cute

  • because he's a jerk?

    • lol you're jerk, her husband is just jealous, and is right, when I am with my friends I wouldn't want my wife to move araound with bikini, it's not on beach.

    • if she's going to the pool why is it unacceptable? its not like she was trying to show off or anything, she was just going swimming