Is There Anything Worse Than Being An Ugly Girl?

It sure doesn't seem like it. People make fun of you, friends lie to you ("Oh he's just intimidated by you," "You have such a great PERSONALITY") and guys won't touch you with a ten-foot pole. It would probably be better for all us ugly girls to just become hermits, or barricade ourselves off... I think that's what nunneries were for in the old days, ugly girls who no man would marry.


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  • Sure it makes it tougher, but you are probably underestimating yourself and what you can do about it. I have said this before -- the homeliest woman I ever met was at my place of work, but she was quite aware of her looks and very determined to overcome it. She kept herself physically fit; out-dressed her feamle colleauges; wore makeup perfectly; was a very competent and hard worker; always smiled and was friendly and happy to help others, and at the same time she was very self confident.

    As a result, others were happy to see her coming down the hall (especially the guys) and management frequently asked for her opinion. In the end, I would say that she just plain looked better than she looked.


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  • No such thing as being out of a mans league, its your own self opinion that creates such an attitude, beauty lies beneath, and certainly goes deeper than skin deep, try and remember that,x

  • Are you really 25-29?

    What shape are you in?

    • Yes, I'm 27. I am 120 pounds at 5'. I know, lose weight, I'm such a disgusting fattie, but I've tried everything short of starving myself. Sometimes girls are ugly even when skinny too.

    • No, then they are 'butterfaces'. Butterfaces do reasonably well in the world. At your age, and over the next decade, who is 'hot' is determined mainly by how they take care of themselves and dress and style themselves. Yeah, you'll never be a 10, but you can be an 8, and 8's get dated.

      I doubt you need to lose a ton of weight. If you want to lose some and can't message me.

      5' is a plus.

    • Dont quite understand your worries. More importantly, your outlook towards life. As well as how you preceive the world not so much as how others see you.

      I am approaching 40. 5 ft. Close to 120 pounds. Was 32 A now 34 A Just learned that guys see me in a way that I never knew.

      I never lookat things were it would hold me back.

      I dress to enhence my best part. And be kind to others. There are plenty of people in less fortunate situations than us;-).

      Hope it helps.

  • ahhhh...if you wanna be not ugly I'll help?and about fat just STAY AWAY FROM JUNK FOOD..and go to gym more often like EVRYDAY...and when you lose some wight and start having a nice body that would take off your ugly looks and make your body hott

    • I'm not fat, I'm just ugly. A girl can be ugly while still not being fat.

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    • I have average sized boobs and no butt.

    • ahhh..thats why then caz he girl can be ugly but if she has a nice bodyy that's sexy

  • Yeah, life is definitely not kind to ugly girls. If I had a son I'd hope he ends up not being stupid (because his career is most important to his well being) but if I had a daughter, I'd hope she ends up not being ugly.

  • How about being a short guy? I think everyone knows us short guys are going to be forever single. We are just not boyfriend material. Marriage?! Hah! Marriage doesn't even exist in our lives. I mean, why would it? No girl even wants to date a short guy let alone marry one. I think me and the rest of my fellow short guys should just jump off a cliff and make the rest of the world happy.

  • it's juts that our society values beauty too much in women, I wish I could say something to cheer you up but I can't

    try to enhance yourself if you must, I mean movie stars do it all the time, so what if you weren't born with it, instead of being miserable why not save up some money and fix w/e problems you think you have

  • yes there is worse things than been ugly.





    and these are just a few.

    u just gotta accept who you are .

    • Why should you accept being ugly alone and unloved?

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    • I do dress up and wear makeup and talk to people. Makeup can only go so far.

    • U have to start loving yourself before others can love u. I don't wear make up or brush my hair. If you want to chat more you can friend me

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  • What people are you talking about?

    From my understanding, this kind of mistreatment doesn't occur outside of high school. When you're out in the real world people aren't picking on you and treating you bad just because you aren't the most attractive person ever, so either you are still in high school and are lying about your age, or you are being over dramatic.

    What you need to do, is pull yourself up by your bootstraps, learn what makes YOU happy and go for it. Guy's also won't "touch you with a ten foot pole' if you have no self esteem and no personality. So be the real you and stop lamenting over some ego centric a**hole who chose someone for their appearance.

    Better yet, realize that not every person is chosen for their appearance, that person could have a great personality. Its NOT all about looks.

    Its harsh, and I'm sorry if it sounded mean, but what you wrote is a cop-out. Its a dramatic thought you have RIGHT NOW and has little bearing in reality.

    Just focus on yourself and loving you and the rest will fall into place.

    • I'm not laying about my age. If I approach guys, they mock me mercilessly. One guy mooed at me when I walked past his table. Guys will dare each other to approach me while their friends laugh at my reaction. I am kind to people and intelligent, but that's why guys friend-zone me, and then complain how all the hot girls don't want them.

  • being a starving person in a 3rd world country? being mentally ill? having physical disabilities? being dead? being destitute? having an incurable fatal disease? losing a loved one?

  • no,there isn't. I'm sure these kids link are thinking ''oh well,at least I'm not an ugly girl *high five*''

  • I have this theory that any chick could get a man but not every guy can get a girl.

    Ugly girls may not be the most desired but if they put in some effort or get dressed up and wear makeup, they'll find someone. They won't find a hot stud, but they'll find someone.

    • I think that's true. The lowest divisions in the womens league is good enough for the really desperate guys. And there are lots of desperate guys out there.

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    • Oh yeah, I hate those ugly dudes who expect hot women to give a damn about them. Those dudes are gonna be forever alone.

      Have you ever had a bf?

    • Yes, but they only dated me cause they were desperate. They all dumped me for hotter girls, once they realized they could get them.

  • Yes...when you're overweight, ugly and have severe acne! You will be the subject of every day ridicule, guys won't give you the time of day (just laugh at you as you walk by and your ass jiggles) and you are basically an outcast. Welcome to my teenage years.

  • a fat girl is even worse

    • nah. A fat girl with a nice face can lose weight. Plastic surgery costs a lot more than a pair of running shoes.

      Being an ugly girl is 10x harder to fix