Practicing on how to correctly apply eyeshadow?

Hello Girls,

In the past, my eyeshadow usually consisted of natural colors, such as using only browns. However, I'm trying to step out of my shell a little bit and use more drastic colors, such as hints of blue, purples, silvers, and trying to learn how to shade with black. However, when I practice, I can't seem to figure out how to blend it properly, it starts looking very funky.

Can you tell me how you learned how to properly blend the colors together to make the finished product look good? Also- do you need specific brushes, etc?

Please and thank you!


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  • use a primer first so the true color pigments can really show, and realize that the more you blend with black the more gray and dingy it will be, how about applying black last so you have more control of the color, don't blend the entire lid, just the corners and part of the color on the lid (if that's the look your going for). You might also want to use white/beige shadow on top of the primer and underneath the color, to make it pop more. You don't need any special brushes, but I prefer real hair brushes to synthetic, because they pick up the colors better. For eye shadow it will be smallish sized. hope that helps!

    • I use urban decay primer, which is great for dramatic looks, but you can just use foundation, or a drug store brand primer.


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  • There are hundreds (maybe more) great videos on YouTube about how to apply all kinds of makeup. Just search for what you are looking for, and wala!


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  • Having the right brushes help.

    You need some good - full eye shadow brushes.

    A smudging stick.

    And I use an angled brush as well.

    Always start with the lightest color and build darker colors ontop - working your way further out the eye so that you can see bits of any other colors. Work a little color under the eyes aswell. Make sure you have a good base to work on, prime your face and put a nude powder on the lids. Get quality shadows so the color sticks bright and little is needed.

    There are plenty of good YouTube tutorials - try looking around at some of those which do the looks they are after. It might be helpful to have a more visual aid.

  • It helps if you use a eyeshadow blending brush. It's easier to master than skill than using your fingers. Go to walmart or target, they usually have something (usually called soft dome brush). And my trick with blending, after you have your 'harsh' color on your eye lid (ex. purple, blue, pink, etc.), blend the edges of the dark shadow with a soft matt brown color. That way it'll look like it's been applied smoothly and evenly and gives it a soft look to it. I mean, let's be realistic, it's very hard to apply dark eyeshadows without it looking jagged and uneven. So you just buff the sh*t out with a matt (soft) brown to get it to the look you would like for it to look.

  • Look up 'Michelle Phan' on YouTube, she has really good makeup tutorials.

    Use light colors first and build up the darker colors. Also, for pops of color, I like to put a bright blue or bright green/purple on the lower lashline or under my eye, whenever I wear a boring outfit and wanna add something interesting.

  • You can blend in your black eyeshadow with your fingers. It just takes patience and practice. Also if you go on the 'elf' website, they have all the brushes you need. Eyeshadow, blending, smudging brushes the lot. The brushes are extremely cheap aswell and great quality :).