Guys, what's your opinion on girls wearing makeup?

just guys answer, what's your intake on girls wearing makeup, I prefer natural look but your opinion? like if you do like it, how do you like it and what don't you like.

and it you don't like it say why and your thoughts on it? also earings and nail polish and tanning but mainly makeup.


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  • Most girls look so much better with no make-up or just a very little amount. Celebrities are always under the spotlight, they need more make-up to not look like zombies in that lighting. And so young girls see this amount of make-up and thinks it makes them pretty.

    Fake tanning is an enormous turn-off, I find pale girls attractive for some reason. I don't really care either way for earrings. And nail polish is my least favorite make-up.


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  • I think as long as a girl uses the makeup to slightly accent her features that are already beautiful (such as having stunning eyes), and she keeps the amount to a minimum, it's fine. Although I'm more of a natural girl, simply because I'm too lazy to put it on most of the time.

    Earrings are okay, but also not my thing even though I have my ears pierced. My ears have always had sensitivity problems.

    I like nail polish on my toes all the time, but only do my fingers occasionally.

    Tanning is ridiculous, period.

  • I also think it enhances appearance. I don't even wear that much I just use it to make my skin even and draw eyebrows in since they don't grow all the way across :P. Sometimes I add a hint of dark lipstick or eyeliner. There are a lot of girls who go overboard or just don't know what makeup works for their features.

    • "make my skin even"? cheek makeup is what most guys really hate...o.O

  • i think that it really enhances a person's appearance.


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  • Ihonestly think girls don't need make up and that it detracts from their natural beauty. Somehow hmanity survived for many eons without women using any. Now, whetgher we'll survive is really in question!

    I can see actors, models, and other professionals using it, but ordinary people, no, I just don't understand it. No one is fooled into thinking you look great without it, so what good does it do really?

    What does that tell you?

  • Most guys are OK with eye & eyebrow makeup...or even is concealer, blush, foundation & bronzer that most guys hate../: