If he is really fit, does he expect me to be too?

My boyfriend that I have been seeing for just about a month is extremely physically fit. He goes to the gym all the time, and is currently trying to "bulk up" for summer time. I am a slender woman (5'6" and around 125.. sometimes less), but I really never work out. He tells me all the time how attractive my body is, and how pretty that I am... but, do you think he'd prefer if I was more toned? Do guys really care? I'll never be fat, but do you think he would prefer more muscle definition?


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  • I don't think it so much matters to him that you're not athletic like he is, otherwise he wouldn't be with you at all. However it may become an issue if you can't keep up when he chooses to involve you in his hobbies/interests that require a certain degree of fitness. Maybe rock climbing or other similar physical activities he may be passionate about.

    If he isn't really "active" though and just works out to "get big" and add muscle, I don't think it'll be an issue at all.

    • This is very true! Thanks. He IS active.. he used to run marathons, and really enjoys that. He's trying to "bulk up" because he's REALLY tall, and if he doesn't work out a lot he says he looks skinny... I think he looks great, but... I guess it's good to try to better yourself, and take pride in the way that you look!


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  • I don't think most guys really care about muscle definition. If you're already slender, and he's saying that your body is attractive to him, I'd say you're set.

  • no but you better not gain any weight

  • Opposites attract but not polar opposites ... your orbits are currently as good as it gets


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