Best way to get smooth legs and keep away leg hair?

this is a serious question,

i hate shaving my legs because the hair literally starts to show 24 hours later...and they aren't that smooth even after shaving. is there anything that will keep it from growing back for longer, short of laser hair removal?


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  • Waxing keeps the hair away for a good few weeks but you have to let your leg hair grow a bit well a lot haha. I wear pants for work so for me growing leg hair is easy. I let it grow for 3-4 weeks. Then when I've had them waxed I apply a good moisturizer I also do that with shaving (when I can't be bothered to get my legs waxed LOL) Moisturizers for me make it feel like there's no hair even there because it's soft to the touch. Removal hair cream is good but you do need to let your hairs grow, it stings a bit for me when I use hair removal.

    • i go to an all girls school so people don't really there's not a lot of problem letting hair grow... but when I actually shave my legs it's just annoying cause it doesn't even last a I stopped doing it unless I have to cause its basically wasting my time...i always use moisturizer though. what types of hair removal creams do you suggest? I think I'm gonna try that and a different razor and see how each does...and what can you compare the "sting" to? cause I'm afraid of it hurting

    • When you shave your legs don't just shave up once do it a few times then shave back on itself so shave down your leg, that might help :)

      and I use 'veet' the once you rinse in the shower with a spondge


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  • Are you using a new razor? And are you using a good shaving creme? You may want to switch it up and try other ones. Also, make sure you moisturize your legs afterwords and stay in a warm atmosphere. I don't know how many times I've jumped out of the shower with freshly shaved legs only for stubbles to occur when it hits the cold air.

    Also, you can try waxing. It does hurt but they usually last for a few weeks. If you aren't sure of doing this then you can try nair or veet and see how that works for you too.

  • Nair or Veet both work really well. Your legs stay smooth for upwards of a week and you don't need to deal with it.

    Also, it might help to use a better razor, too. I use the schick hydro 5 (the one with 5 blades) and I only need to shave my legs every few days.

    • nair or assuming those are hair removal lotions?

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    • Some of them sting a bit if you leave them on for too long. Use the sensitive skin ones if they do that for you. My sister has super sensitive skin and they don't bother her.

    • awesome thanks for your help!

  • have you tried waxing? also, what kind of razor do you use?

    • kinda afraid to try afraid it will hurt alot. I buy the generic cheap razors, I didn't think there could be much of a difference

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    • sounds good. good luck!

    • thanks for your help!