Do I think that looks are too important,or do guys really care about looks that much?

Well,i'm 5'5', and my weight is 127 ponds. I lost in a year 24.

Last time I felt myself depressed,i was actually in depression,had an eating disorder,low self esteem,etc.etc.

I'm single,but a normal,pretty attractive girl.The only thing is-i'm obsessed with my weight,even if I left those things with ana and mia,i still feel I'm not good enough,it keeps me away from being intimate with guys.It keeps me away from being happy with myself.

What do I do? Do I think that looks are too important,or do guys really care about looks that much? I'm so confused...


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  • i also had an eating issue for about 3 years and am slowly getting over it. The thing is; havin glow esteem, dissatisfaction in life, family issues or stress can project onto you feelong bad about your body. anythime you are unhappy with a nonfood issue it comesout through food. you may be upset over a test and then worry you will get fat and starve yourself. the key is to fix whatever else in your life is bothering you because it os never directly looks or weight. find freinds and surround yourself with pp that make you feel good and have fun , go out. stay healthy, join a gym or do your hobby. (I joined theatre and forgot about food). you gotta distract yourself using music, religion, friends, job. you can also go to counseling which is a MUST becaus since foodis always around; this prob is gona bother you. having a self imageprob is deeper than worrying solely about your looks. your not vain or superficial you just need to figure out whathe REAL issue is.I hope I helped, any more ques I'm glad to asnswer

    • Ty,i know,i read a lot about that.If I have a problem or I'm sad,i don't eat.Sometimes at all.Or I eat more than usuall.Im focusing on my weight and it's so annoying...

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    • Yeah it does. what made me confident was acting. I felt like another person wen I was able to get up on stage and sing, dance or act. find a hobby or passion I'm telling you it will really get you away from self absorbed confidence issues. I'm not saying that to be mean at all; but wen you feel alone you focus on yourself and what's wrong with you . you seem to have confidence cause you always bring up that your attractive so there's a start!

    • Haha yea lol.Well,i wanna find a hobby too...maybe dancing XD Thx for the idea girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • If you want positive affirmations and reassurances I can give them. 5'5" and 127 is a very healthy, normal weight.

    I think the most helpful thing though would be to seek some counselling and work through some cognitive behavioral therapy. I hope you get the help you need either way.

  • Looks are paramount to guys... it might not be fair, or right, but it is the truth. Women are much better at picking friends and lovers based on more than "just looks".

    Men put up with a lot of crap from beautiful women, and I guess that proves my point. But let me say that beauty on the inside is more important than one's looks, but both are a bonus for anyone.

    Good Luck



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  • i think that most guys will look at how a girl looks. that' smy personal experience. and I learnt it from experience. when I was in highschool, I wasn't the most attractive, after highschool I'm more attractive. but I dont' like it when a guy hits on me simply because of how I look. that just makes me mad.

  • you did all of that just for guys? sweetie, guys really aren't worth it. your height and weight are normal. any guy who has an issue with your weight obviously has some weird issue with himself and isn't a guy anyone should date.

  • Guys care about looks, but not as much as one who is obsessed with it. I'm sorry if that sounded mean, couldn't think of a better way to word it. They want you to look decently attractive, but you don't have to be "perfect". Most girls are harder on ourselves than guys are. I'm sure you're fine!

    • If you wanna stay thin, be active and eat around 1700 calories a day (not too much or too little) don't eat less than 1200 ever.

  • i think most guys want a 'healthy' girls, where you're at :) so just relax! I'm sure you look great :)