Girls, are you happy/accepting of your bodies?

I suppose I'm a typical girl and have worried about my body for most of my life since my teens, (I am 29 now). I'm short and have short limbs and find myself constantly comparing myself to other girls with taller/slimmer bodies. My friends/family say I'm normal sized/curvy but not fat and to stop worrying all the time. I try to exercise as much as I can fit in and eat pretty well (this could be improved a bit if I'm honest!), my parents are both short and a bit of weight on them so I suppose ill never be skinny without becoming a gym addict and constantly dieting. So I suppose I'm just asking girls are there any of you who finally decided to just live a happy life and accept your body the way it is without "killing" yourself to achieve something that may or may not make you feel happier? Does size matter as long as you are healthy, and how did any of you accept this as I'm finding it hard to? thanks.

should add if guys want to add their opinions also then fire away! :)


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  • how short is short? I'm 5'1 and it's very uncommon to find girls around my height. I'm a bit over weight because I love food and being lazy although I love eating food I like being lazy more so I try to watch how often I eat rather than work out or go for walks even though I could loose 15-20 lbs.

    I'm happy with my body but my parent's clearly are not because they are worried about my health and all that junk. so to me I guess it's not as much about looks or weight but being more healthy witch is hard if I hate most veggies.

    don't fret about your height because most guys (as far as I know) like girls their same height or shorter than they are I know I do. about being over weight as long as it's not allot and your body wears it well than I'm sure you look fine but without pic's I can't tell for sure LOL.

    • oops, ye I'm 5ft 2, I would like to lose about 15 lbs also! and suppose I've never had guys say anything mean or anything like that so I'm sure I can find guys that like the way I look, I more just want to feel happy in myself first! thanks for your reply!

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    • how long is 5'1 ft in CM please ? :)

    • I think it's about 155cm


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  • Working out dieting is one thing...I should be doing more of that! We will not all be skinny however..not built that way or do not have that type of metabolism... Cosmetic surgery and liberal makeup is where I jump ship...):


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  • Personally, if you're eating healthy and if you exercise, not doing some hardcore workout, you'll see improvements in your body or you can technically go on a very strict diet. I used to be chubby, but I went on a diet, started to eat much healthy compared to what I was eating before and managed to lose 25lbs. It definitely took time and motivation, but some people have a harder time in maintaining a diet, so I guess if you're comfy with the way you look, someone will definitely feel the same way :].

  • no I couldn't accept body yet!

    i'm a perfecionist and can't stop dieting and worrying about calories in food. but sometimes I slip and mess and then back to my point of view of being perfect.

  • hey I'm 5'2 also and I use to weigh 120 (since I was 18-24). I am 26 now and pregnant and I weigh now 133. I wish I could go back to 120, and I'm only at my 3month mark but I look like I'm at my 6 month mark. I'm OK with my body and plan to diet and exercise like crazy after I have my baby. I think if I was 120 again I would be OK with myself.