Is healthy-natural a turn-off?

There is this guy in my class who argued with me about make-up and why I should wear it.

I don't care for that stuff right now.

Water, exercise, and good TLC is good for me.

He called me a hippy and said that I needed to be f*$cked!?

What does sex have to do with it? I am not interested in that right now. If I ever try that stuff okay but really I don't want to.

What do I say to him, or any others, if he tries to start the argument again?

Do mean find natural a turn-off- if it's healthy?


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  • Never get in arguments with guys about make up. We don't know enough about it to really have a good opinion.

    Most guys who get in this sort of argument are jerks, like this guy. Just avoid him. Never talki to him again.


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  • You're taking it the wrong way : a frustrated idiot comes to you to put you down. Why do you even listen to this retard ? Next time smile to him and tell him "it must be hard to be you :D"

  • If you are saying that you are naturally pretty and don't need make-up and he says you need it , then he should f*** off, and he's retarded for telling you that you need to be f***ed, next time slap him in front of everyone to embarrass him.

    good luck :)

    • No don't slap because he will slap you back with a lawsuit for battery. Just ignore him because he does not deserve your time. If he keeps bothering you press charges on him for verbal abuse ore something.

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    • so are you friends with him or have mutual friends or what exactly?

    • We are in the same class at times. I hope we are friends. I doubt that we're enemies.

  • Do what ever comfortable for you. if don't like make up so be it first off I find the beauty queen tend tobe fake any way just be your self and don't lesson to that jerk. hell I hate dressing up colon I'll do it for special thing but every day just a shower a shave and deodorant t-shirt and jeans are what I do

  • I like a girl with a natural look. dressing up with makeup should be for dances and weddings. however I would never force a girl not to put on makeup if that's what she does.

  • Perhaps answer "No, it's actually *you* who needs to be f***ed, by a live woman instead of your blow-up sex doll. Project much?"

  • We usually have the reverse argument...*that females wear all this makeup and should cease & desist*...most of this arguing is pointless..while I don't like "cakeface" I would probably never date one to begin with hence there would never be an argument...tbh...I think most guys like the "healthy-natural" look..where it could get to be a problem is if that look gets other negatives attached to it...terms such as: prudish or unexciting.../:

    • Can you explaing that alittle more? I have never heard it like that before. = o

    • Most of the arguments on GAG are males saying they don't like makeup and females saying that guys don't know what they are talking about and they are going to wear it anyway. If I encountered a heavily made-up female I would not date her nothing to argue about..."healthy-natural" is fine..unless you would give off the impression at the same time that your are boring, unexciting, prudish, stay-at-home etc...of course a madeup girl can be a boring prude as well...(:

    • Wow ... You're awesome! You said it so well.

  • I rarely curse but

    F**K that guy!

    no guy or girl has the right to tell you what to wear

    he's just a jerk for saying those things to you.

    If you don't like it then don't wear it!

    Above all:

    Healthy anything >>> Fake anything


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  • Just wondering , how much water do you drink in a day ?

    On a side note, no it shouldn't be a turn off .. couch potatoes and really unconcerned people will try to bring you down just so they feel better about themselves, but at the end of the day, you are a lot better than they are. I have been there, some girls even told me that fruits are worse than a cheeseburger (because they were eating Mcdonalds and I was eating an apple) .. never mind them!

    • How much water . . . .? I drink so much I have to go to the bathromm like every two hours. I LOVE WATER though.

  • He's an idiot. What kind of guy would argue with you about what you choose to wear and what you don't? If you don't wanna wear makeup then that's your business. Tell him to stop being a bitch and quit worrying about your style choices and end the discussion. He's only talking sh*t to you because he knows you won't put him in his place.

  • Ugh...hes immature and an ignoramus.Dont listen to him.If you want to be natural,then be natural. He may not dig it,but someone else will.

  • i rarely ever makeup cause it irritates my eyes at most I wear mascara and to be honest girls always act like they look so ugly with out makeup or can't leave the house, but makeup really doesn't make you look that different in my opinion..I don't see the big deal in it lol

  • Wel next time he tries to start an argument with you about make up, tell him to f*ck off and that if he loves make up so much he can go ahead and put it on his own face, maybe that would help him look less like an ass.

    Seriously, if you don' want to wear make-up and go for the natural, healthy look, it's your choice and nobody has the right to judge you on this !

    I don't wear make-up neither and I also had some people trying to argue why I should wear it (though mostly women) but hey, I don't care, it's my face and I should be able to do whatever I want with it.

    Besides, I think that self confidence and good body hygiene are the most important when it comes to outer beauty.

    • HAHAHA! What a pistol!...totally agree with you Ms Firecracker!