How do guys feel about nail polish?

Nail polish...How do you feel guys? I am ALWAYS wearing nail polish on my fingernails no matter what. I just don't exactly know what my boyfriend thinks about it.. I mean yeah whatever it's just colors on my fingernails, but how do guys feel about it?


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  • I actually really like it. I find normal nails(not just girls) kinda gross(its a bit irrational so take that in mind), so painting them actually makes a girl seem cleaner and more attractive to me as it shows she takes care of herself :)

    so I like them a lot!


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  • I don't generally notice a girl's nails at all. Her hands aren't where my attention is drawn. The only way I would even notice her nails is if they were done in some sort of outlandish, loud fashion and if it's done up in that kind of "loud" way that would draw my attention then that's bad. I don't like it when a girl has any sort of "extravagant" styling done.

  • I don't really care...doesn't do anything for me but not a turn off either...(:


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