Girls: Guys Date Attire?

I haven't really been on a date in a long time. I just don't really operate on dates, but somehow a traditional date ended up getting set up. We're probably doing a casual restaurant and possibly a movie. I know I don't want to be too casual or too formal. Plus I'm not going to ask her what she's wearing so I could coordinate.


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  • I'd say you'd be safe with :

    1. Nice jeans

    2. Closed in shoes

    3. Nice plain t shirt - You have a nice figure, you can pull of the plain look.

    Plus, the plain look makes you look like you didn't try so hard whilst at the same time gives you a smart casual or casual look. Its dressed up but not too up and dressed down but not too down if you know what I mean :)

    Also, where you are having dinner may change the top in the attire. If you are going to a fancy elegant classy place for dinner, just wear a button up 3 quarter sleeve top with the nice jeans and closed in shoes :) I love when guys wear handsome.. gah. haha.

    And yep as everyone has mentioned .. smell nice :) Perfume but not too much. Enough to make her need to lean in a bit closer to get more ! Goodluck ! :)


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  • Smart casual is always a winner :) You need to feel comfortable with what you are wearing so you don;t fidgit all night, and your top (jumper, shirt, t-shirt) should ideally match the color of your eyes - and don;t overdo the perfume/cologne - and you don;t need to ask her what she is wearing! Nice profile pic by the way! Good luck on the date!


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  • From my experience with women, they prefer a man to be clean, and tidy but to also feel comfortable, so have a shower, make yourself smell nice with deodorant, put on some jeans, t-shirt and maybe a jacket, and smile as you walk out the door confident and comfortable.

  • I usually wear nice dark jeans, solid color button down shirt, or polo if it's warm. Try to wear dark shoes (black if you have them) or brown. I shave and wear after shave with a few sprays of cologne also.