Guys...would a stretch mark freak you out?

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm a 23yr old virgin and I used to be chubby (not insanely obese) but for the past two years I've lost weight and now I'm thin (128 pounds @ 5'7) . Anyway, the thing is that I'm very self conscious about the stretch-marks on my arms (they aren't visible unless I lift them) and on my hips. I DON'T have loose skin or anything like that. I wasn't at such an extreme level of fatness to end up with loose skin. So I'm okay in that department.

The deal is that I know that one day I'll get intimate with my boyfriend who didn't know me back in my fat days and who I never told I used to be chubby because that's my past and I get enough comments from family and friends about my weight loss to deal with it in a relationship. I'm really embarrassed about the stretch-marks and I don't want him to get grossed out and dump me for them,

ESPECIALLY if I lose my virginity to him. I mean, he's 27 years old so obviously I can't expect him to hold out forever on any kind of sexual contact, y'know? When I'm dressed it's pretty easy to conceal them but without clothes? So scary. Question is...what do you guys think about this? Would it totally turn you off?


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  • Hey, first of all I would like to say I'm surprised you're still a virgin at 23! No offense! I respect that!! I'm a 23 years old as well, and I myself am one... I want to try to keep it for that special someone... I just didn't think there were any girls out there anymore like yourself... All the girls I know of lost it as young as 14...

    But WOW, congrats on your weight loss!! And no, personally I wouldn't mind about the stretch marks... I'm a guy myself, as long as your personality is there and you're an understanding girl, that would be all that matters to me.

    Anyways, really proud of you and hopefully your bf will see it the same way as I do. You deserve it! And you really are that "special someone" that every nice guy is searching for!


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  • I've been with women that had stretch marks, and honestly, I didn't really care, until they kept annoying me with..'i hope you don't mind my stretch marks...' I think most guys won't care about that. You can also turn the lights off if you're that worried about them. Also, congratulations on your weight loss. You should really be proud of that. I don't see why you want to hide that from your bf, after all, is part of you. I also dated a woman that like you, lost a lot of weight, and like you, she tried to hide that from me, but because I tend to be a curious person, I asked her about her high school pics, as I always find it interesting to see how people looked then.

    She kept making excuses about it, and I finally said--what the hell are you hiding, I'm not that stupid. Anyway, she finally showed me her pics, and I was just amazed at her accomplishment. If anything, I was really proud how she took action and unlike many other women that say they are happy to be obese, she did something about her weight problem. So if your bf loves you, I don't see why you need to hide this from him. Congratulations again, and maybe you should write a story of how you did it, what was it like to be overweight, because I've seen many girls posting questions on this matter. :)

  • I don't think stretch marks are anything to worry about most guys like myself only care that our girl loves us and that you are honest to us guys... because I hate lies with a passion I'm sure no guy likes to be lied on so don't worry about your stretch marks and congratz on the weight loss, I myself am 21 yrs old used to weight 280 pounds now I'm at 190 after 6 months and still wanna lose 30 more but I'm pretty happy here myself so I know how you feel. :D

  • Stretch marks aren't attractive but it wouldn't freak me out

  • Well, I wouldn't be freak out by them. I have stretch marks of my own from when I had my growth spurt and grew 3 inches in no more than 3 months and didn't gain any weight to cover the extra height. So I have some light stretch marks on my legs and near my hip bone.

    As prettyirishgirl suggested, you can use coco butter and vitamin E to help fade them. Be careful if you buy any product that seems really expensive for removing them, they don't tell you it might take 5 bottles of the stuff before you see any results. If you run a Google search on fading stretch marks you can find a lot of suggestions. There's a new product out called "Scar Gone" I think by the company that makes "Head On," and it's supposed to help with stretch marks some.

    Also, since you aren't really old the stretch marks will fade over time. So unless you have the really extreme ones that are dark red they'll fade naturally so they aren't all the noticeable even without helping them along.


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  • Hey I know you asked guys but I think this might help you. like they said he shouldn't care and it shouldn't bother him, but I get the whole self conscious thing. A friend of my lost a lot of weight recently and we tried to figure out if there was a way to reduce the stretch marks, I don't know if it works for everyone, but it worked for her so maybe you could try this or look up, or ask your doc about something you could do. Because if you aren't happy with your body then nothing matters, but if you aren't happy and you comment and apologize all the time for it like Sexwiseman said then it might get to him where it didn't before.

    1. brush marks with loofa or skin brush when showering

    2. massage coco butter into marks

    3. use vitamin E oil on marks after shower

    also there is a thing called tretinoin cream but you need a prescription so go see your doc and ask them about it or what they think you should do

    and eating A, E, C vitamins is supposed to help along with zinc, and eating foots with fatty acids(regenerates cell walls or something)

  • Most women have stretch marks. so unless he's never seen a girl naked, he's not gonna care b/c it's natural. I think the media makes us think that stretch marks are this horrible curse just b/c they airbrush everything out. but if you think about it: stretch mark lotions & creams are so popular b/c so many women have them!

  • hey! I just have a suggestion to your stretchmarks problem. I am actually a pretty skinny type but I have stretchmarks on my hips and butt and I am 16 so it also creeped me out, and I know that the truth is so many girls in my age have them on thier breast.

    my mum said they can come from dry skin etc.

    but the product that helped me get rid of them was A oil for women who had pregnany marks and it only took me a few days, as I rubbed it on after I took my morning shower. The oil was WELEDAS product, you should get it from a pharmacy . I guess, that's where I got it, or you can look after it from bioshops etc.

    And congrats on your weight loss

    Stay Healty!


    • whats the name of the oil you applied again? so I could buy it in the drugstore. I have stretchmarks on my butt. :(

  • I guess this isn't an answer to your problem but would you mind sharing how you lost all that weight? =)