What kind of clothes have you been wearing lately; what is your style?

What kinds of clothes have you been wearing?

I have to do a trend board for my internship on the clothes for this week. Its fun but I am a little stumped on what I want to do.


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  • I have been really into simple cute dresses, it has been hot lately so I have been going to the beach a lot!


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  • The usual at work. Dress shirts, wool pants, sportsjackets and/or sweaters. Odd suit, no tie. The usual shoe rotation ;)

    weekends ... jeans, t's, sweaters, and dirty bucks.

  • Lately, a lot of browns. A tweed hat and vest, brown shirt, black pants, leather belt. Not sure why this has been my fashion as of late, but I think it kinda suits me.

  • I generally stick to dark blue, boot cut jeans, a black and white plaid shirt with a red or blue v-neck underneath, brown leather casual shoes and a matching belt, and a black, military style biker jacket.


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  • Rock band t shirts, a pair of jeans and good old Dr.Martins.

    No style what so ever.

  • For work pretty casual, usually brown slacks, a raw silk blouse and jeans jacket.

    At home: jeans or jean shorts & white v neck tees

    Dressy: Usually a little black dress of some sort...lol I only have about 20 of them!

  • sundresses, shirt-dresses, leggings, belted.

  • Skinny jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts, lace tanks, off the shoulder shirts, my new favorite American Eagle Jean jacket, ballet flats, my Sperry's...

    • That's cool!

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    • Pics of you in said skirt or I accuse you of making this up.

    • Haha. I'll show you a pic ! :P

  • Last week, I bought T-shirt, pink one with white balloon painting. I love to wear it with jeans pants. Nike shoes, and with my new orange & white handbag. :) It's cool to many places. But prefer slippers on beach.

  • Sort of punk.A lot of black...