Any tattooist out there? I need tattoo tips

I'm really wanting to become a tattooist. Any tips on what I should be doing to make that happen. I already have a folder of some of my work, but is there anything else I might need before looking for somone to apprentice me ? or is it best to just buy ink and just practice on other things before making my way to actually tattooing somone ?


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  • I'm not personally but one of my good friends does it professionally... I think the biggest thing is just having the natural ability & artistic talent. Some have it & some don't, no matter how much they try or *want* it. But beyond that just try to practice on surfaces as close to "real" as possible, try to make some connections, and then you just have to latch on somewhere...might not be a glamorous place for your first gig but that's how it is with most professions...start somewhere, gain experience/confidence, work your way up.


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  • A guy I use to do graffiti with started by making a homemade tattoo gun and doing free tats on stupid friends. hahaha! =P He eventually got his own gun and get a bit better, and then got apprenticed at a local shop. I don't recommend going the same way he did, unless you have a lot of stupid friends, but that is how he got his start. =P

  • Do you have any tattoo's

    because I saw in Miami Ink(yeah I know it's not representative)

    they were cautious about taking a girl on because she hadn't had one

    and know what the experience is like

    • Yes I have a few lol I kind of even give a friend of mine a tattoo b4 once, but it was with somones homemade gun and a stuff. I did a OK job, but I just was wanting to find a way to take seriously and not be smart about it I guess.

    • be smart * excuse the typo lol

    • oh you didn't mention it

      just ignore what I've said

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  • Keep drawing, build up a portfolio, go to some sort of art school, search for apprenticeships or internships, visit tattoo shops and ask them about their experiences and such...