What do you think about girls that wear those really thin skin tight black pants with no back pockets?

and then they don't wear a top long enough to cover their butt?

I don't know what these pants are called (yoga pants maybe) but they show so much of a girl's shape she might as well be standing there in just panties or naked.

Personally I think girls look extremely sexy in those pants but to be honest as I'm getting older I don't like when I see girls wear them. It's very distracting and hard not to look. It really sucks when the girl wearing them is a teenager also and I'm like trying not to look because it's inappropriate but there is a tight butt right in front of me so how can I not look? It's actually embarrassing to me and makes me feel like a filthy pervert. Do girls realize how much they show when they wear these pants and that men and boys of all ages are staring at them imagining them naked?


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  • I feel ya. Leggings should not be worn as pants. But you're only 18-24 lol... you're not a creepy old man.

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      I feel old when I see a girl from behind wearing those pants and think she's sexy and then when she turns around I see her face and realize she's only like 15 or 16. It's not cool. I can't believe parents let their daughters dress like that.