What do you think about girls that wear those really thin skin tight black pants with no back pockets?

and then they don't wear a top long enough to cover their butt?

I don't know what these pants are called (yoga pants maybe) but they show so much of a girl's shape she might as well be standing there in just panties or naked.

Personally I think girls look extremely sexy in those pants but to be honest as I'm getting older I don't like when I see girls wear them. It's very distracting and hard not to look. It really sucks when the girl wearing them is a teenager also and I'm like trying not to look because it's inappropriate but there is a tight butt right in front of me so how can I not look? It's actually embarrassing to me and makes me feel like a filthy pervert. Do girls realize how much they show when they wear these pants and that men and boys of all ages are staring at them imagining them naked?


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  • I feel ya. Leggings should not be worn as pants. But you're only 18-24 lol... you're not a creepy old man.

    • I feel old when I see a girl from behind wearing those pants and think she's sexy and then when she turns around I see her face and realize she's only like 15 or 16. It's not cool. I can't believe parents let their daughters dress like that.

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  • Hahha they're leggings.

    I don't wear them. I like to leave a little to the guy's imagination. Boys are creative--they can do without leggings on me.

  • I wear them all of the time since I bike often.Guys will imagine a girl naked if they want even if she isn't wearing leggings or yoga pants. Do you feel like that when you see girls at the beach wearing less than leggings?

    Guys can look if they want.Im minding my own business and living freely.

    • The difference is everybody knows there are almost naked people at the beach and can choose to go there or not. Revealing clothing is appropriate at the beach while it is not considered appropriate to wear revealing clothing at most other public places. I mean just imagine if a guy wore skin tight pants that showed the exact shape of his penis and was walking around in public. Now imagine you had a young daughter with when this guy walks by lol. Wouldn't you consider that indecent?

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    • OK fine I agree to disagree : ) I just hope you'll consider my points as I've considered yours and we'll both think a little bit about how we think.

    • :)

  • I have seen yoga pants that fit your description, not just leggings. Allot of girls wear these and I don't think they realize how sexy they really are, I don't think they would care and it may likely encourage them to know this.

  • yes, girls know how much they are showing when they wear leggings aha.

  • where I came from they call theme 3D pantis hhhh

    • lmao that is a "fitting" name for them!

    • isn't it hh

  • Oh...you mean leggings...yoga pants are fine to wear with a shorter top (as long as they are not skin tight)...that's what I wear to the gym.

    As for leggings...no...they are not made for wearing with a short top. You're supposed to wear them with something that goes below the butt, like a really long top or a dress...that's how I wear them...They are sort of like tights...but a bit thicker.

    And what do you mean you're getting older? You're 18-24? Geez...you're such a grandpa...lol...

    • I feel old when I see a girl from behind wearing those pants and think she's sexy and then when she turns around I see her face and realize she's only like 15 or 16. It's not cool. I can't believe parents let their daughters dress like that.

    • Oh...I see what you mean...yeah...there is no way in *ell my parents would let me wear that...at that age...my sister is 14 and she once tried too...didn't get past the living room...lol...But still...it's not like you are a 40 year old man looking at a 15 year old...you are still within their age range...just saying...but sometimes you can't tell by their face. There are many 16 year olds that look way older...and me for example...I'm 28...but there are lots of people that think I'm 16.

  • Leggings are a terribly unfortunate "fashion" choice.

    Girls who wear them just want attention...

    But then they complain when "creepy" guys stare at them.

    Well... what did you expect.

    • lol yes I feel like a creep when I can't stop staring. It's almost like a car crash you don't want to look at but can't help it and then since I'm a guy I get turned on and feel like the biggest perv ever. I don't know who's fault it should be, me or the girl choosing to wear the pants lol.

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    • lmao I agree. I asked this question because I went to a fast food place to eat today and pretty much felt like I had p*rn with my meal because of a certain customer.

    • Talk about classless.

      Though at the same time I get the feeling they just don't realize how much they're showing off.

      Or maybe they do... either way... like I said before. It's just unfortunate.

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  • I wish i was them but then again i like wearing panties

  • These pants are great to see on many women 18+ who are in decent enough shape to wear them, the prob I have is when women who are too large try to wear them( I like my women natural sized 8-16 pant size doesn't bother me at all) it also bothers me when young girls under 18 are wearing them. all the time you hear about pedophiles and the like but then again girls are giving these people something to fuel the desire to check you out.

    dont think that you won't get checked out if your in those pants, and most guys degrade a woman that wears those pants. I think if you don't mind going out in something that takes away all the mystery of what's under there then we think you wouldn't mind just being naked in front of us.

    sorry if I offend anyone

  • I've always found both leggings and yoga pants to be VERY attractive and revealing in a sexual sense for sure, and I've always felt like ALL guys agree, and MANY girls don't even realize. I'm sure plenty do though, and they flaunt it. They flaunt it quite well. +1 for... no you know what...+2 for Yoga Pants in my book.

    I do see the concern of underage girls wearing them however, should not be letting their underage daughters to be wearing such tight and revealing pants. I wouldn't let my teen daughter wear them for sure, its almost like they're asking to be looked at in a sexual manner.

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