Usually, would a guy pursue a girl that he thought was "unattractive"?

What makes a guy approach an initiate a conversation with a girl?


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  • it also maybe because he is seeing past the physical looks and likes the person for who they are, I know that's not always the case but there are plenty that do. :)


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  • A guy would not purse a girl he thought was unattractive. Maybe from a bet, but that just happened in an romantic comedy!

    What makes a guy approach a girl, I would say simply interest, definitely interest.

  • Hmm, depends on the guy. I know that I would not pursue a girl that I found unattractive. That said, I love talking to and meeting new people so that would not stop me from talking to her.

  • Attractive girls are nice.

    But nothing satisfies like a sure thing.

  • If a guy keeps going for a girl then he most likely finds her attractive but I guess there may be exceptions.

  • depends on how "unattractive" he finds her

  • Depends on how desperate he is.


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  • Often. He might think he has a better chance to score with her than the girls he wants to date.

    You cannot really gauge a man's interest other than on a day-to-day basis (if he talks to you that day, he is interested that day). Therefore, it does no good to try to guess what the future will hold.

    • Such crap

    • I've had several guys tell me this outright, and can see it clear as day in guy's behavior. Not just the "hot/cocky/funny" guys that get so much crap on this board, either. Geeky guys sleep with girls they aren't very attracted to without dating them too. Seen it with my own eyes.