Does waxing on the face make hair grow back lighter?

have you waxed any part of your face? will the hair grow back lighter? I'm scared its gonna be thicker


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  • It'll grow back the same color, but a bit finer. Don't worry, waxing doesn't make hair thicker anywhere on your body :)

    • even if its peach fuzz like it won't grow into a mans beard right?

    • Haha no it definitely won't do that. I'd have a reaaaally thick beard if that were true lol


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  • no it doesn't grow lighter. its supposed to grow thinner over a long time of doing it so much. but its not lighter. and it doesn't look like a beard. it would if you shaved though.

  • I wax my eyebrows but I don't see them growning out lighter. At most, I swear the grow out darker.

    • yea I think that's just the nature of eyebrow hair, no matter if you wax pluck or thread, eyebrow hair will always grow darker and thicker but I was wondering about the face like sideburns and peachfuzz if I wax won't turn into a beard right?