Could someone be ugly enough to repel people?

I know good looking people get the better attention usually.

I know good personalities attract a lot of people.

But could it be possible for someone to end up alone because even though people like them they don't want to wake up next to them. (And freak out)


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  • Yes, but that level of ugliness usually comes from inside.

    • I was asking about the outside however :p

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    • yes well; we learn to tell what's gold and what's not


    • Some the hard way, lol.

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  • Is his ugliness natural or a bizarre accident?

    Even if the person is ugly on the outside, I'm sure they personality is better since they have to work twice as hard.

  • aww this question made me sad

  • I'm not interested usually in what most people find extremely attractive. I like normal- average looking guys. It's 75% personality for me. But there are guys who are just a little repulsive. I have to be somewhat attracted to you, that's natural.

    I do think people are attracted to different things though, so someone will find a liking for them.

    • I think I agree

      I find everybody attractive, but to like them on a personal level requires more

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    • but I certainly don't think he's the right guy for most girls. Same goes for me. Him & I are so great together though.

      I think other people can find that too, all people.

    • im happy for you

  • yes I've met two women in my life that are the most ugliest people of all from the inside. one was my ex-bff and the other was my ex-boss. I think both need mental help.


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  • When we're old, we're all ugly. So that seemingly hapless ugly person won't be so lonely after all.

    • yes but he will suffer in his youth; while everybody else enjoys a normal life

    • His curse for being ugly. Perhaps, he'll be lucky enough to occupy himself with obtaining wealth instead?

  • in terms of purely physical? I really doubt it. youd have to look like a monster out of a horror movie or like an alien out of alien vs. predator and even then...there's so many people in the world that at least a few of them would think you look so crazy that they're attracted to you in some way.