How can I stop myself from sweating so much?

I sweat loads when I walk and usually I walk every where. So while all my friends smell fresh and lovely, I can't even lift my arms up without getting a whiff of B.O. and it makes me more sweaty by keeping my arms by my side. I always carry deodorant, but once the sweat is on my clothes, it doesn't really do anything since it's my clothes that actually smell. I usually have to take an old t-shirt with me and then change when I get to wherever I'm going after I've cooled down. Can you guys suggest any options other than this? It's really frustrating, it's not excessive sweating, just I get really hot when I walk.


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  • Some people sweat more, and some less, and there's really not a whole lot you can do about it for the most part. There ARE perscription anti-perspirants that a doctor and perscribe for you if it's a huge problem, but that's probably overkill. Are you using anti-perspirant right now, or just deoderant?


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  • Have you tried switching up your deodorant? Maybe find a stronger antiperspirant one. Sometimes the guys deodorant brands can be the best for heavy sweating. There's stuff that a doctor can prescribe. Certain Dri does work too (you can find it in most stores). However, it can be pretty irritating to wear/put on. You want to make sure you put it on before you go to sleep for best results and let it air/dry. So that means sleeping with your arms up.