Natural or not?

I wear a lot of makeup because I am insecure about the way I look, and I feel prettier with a lot of eyeliner and stuff. Everybody says that I look better with "natural makeup" but when I don't have a lot of makeup on I feel ugly and bare. What should I do? Go with what makes me more confident or what everybody else says looks better?


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  • try this:

    mix your foundation with moisturizer before you apply it, it will be a sheerer coverage and also more dewy and natural-looking. apply the foundation BEFORE concealer, so that you apply less concealer, which can look cakey.

    take a pretty golden bronzer and apply it to your cheeks and a tiny bit on the top of your nose to make it look sunkissed.

    with brown and bronze shimmery eyeshadows (I love body shop's shimmer cubes in pallette 06 link apply the lightest shade from lash to brow, the taupe shade in the crease, and the dark chocolate color on the outer corners on both top and bottom.

    with a BROWN eyeliner, line your upper lashes (preferably with a thin line that widens near the outer corners) and lightly brush it over your lower lashes (to make them look thicker).

    curl your lashes, and apply black mascara.

    use a golden/clear gloss

    this looks more natural in a bronzed, summery way...but you're still made up, and the contouring on your eyes makes them look wider which is probably what you like about using a lot of eyeliner.

    also, go on youtube and watch panacea81's videos about a "natural look..." they're very good!


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  • hey what's all this ! hey you should wear what you are comfortable with ! that holds for makeup as well ! now temme would you walk nude on a party if every guy said tht " you would luk like a Queen if you walked nude in tonites party" Ofcourse not !

    so wear what you are comfortable at ! and not what others are comfortable with ! after all its your ur body and it has a right to be decided by you and not by others

  • everything in moderation


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  • I would go with what is just right. I am like that too, I feel 'naked' without make up on. Just try using the organic natural types of powder or foundations and eye shadows. For me, I use powder, eyeliner, a little brow liner, mascara, lip gloss, blush etc. as long as you make it look natural, so they don't notice that you are wearing any, it should be fine

  • Personally, I think girls who wear too much make up look artificial and unattractive. If I were you, I would go with a little bit of compact powder to cover up blemishes (if any), a light layer of eyeliner-- natural looking, some shimmer lipgloss, and a brush of blush on each cheek (not everyday, because then people get used to it... like, twice a week-- that way, when you put it on, you get a lot of compliments. =) )

    • Dont put a cake on your face, if someone is people are commenting about how much make up you wear maybe tone it down some, because even if you think you look better wit make up you might look like you're fakin it.. and people say you look nice without it that. mascara is good lipstick, some blucs...but at least cut out the foundation, that's really what makes a face look cakey. and if you do ur eyebrows make it look more natural..(very important) you don't want to look like plastic.

  • Do what you like. If you like to wear a lot of makeup then do it. I'm sure you look good with it too but there are many who are fans of the natural look and will make sure they tell you that.