Guys do these types of underwear turn you OFF?

So during that time of month I like to wear regular underwear like link .. however I work out so I have to put on my yoga pants or tight pants or whatever they're called so sometimes you can see the outline if you look/stare enough lol... is this a turn off like I'm wearing granny panties or something or no?


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  • that guy who said he hates thongs? ...yeah, he's gay. these underwear aren't attractive, but you aren't going to exercise to be checked out, so chill.


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  • um are you trying to flirt to get a boyfriend or get laid, lets start with that, if its to get laid, those don't turn on anyone, if its to get a boyfriend, who the hell cares, its not like anyone's gonna see them anyways.

  • its a turn on... i reminds me of a naughty schoolgirl

  • No the only thing I hate are thongs and they really turn me off.

    • Check out Image 2 and see if he sounds like somebody you would listen.^ link

  • those are not hot at all

    • well its not like we're about to have sex lol.. I'm wearing them when going to the gym

    • eh I don't know how well id be able to see them through your pants so I probably couldn't tell theyre those kinds. I was just saying in general they look like granny panties lol

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